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Boro v Sunderland (A) 3-3 (Bamford (2) Leadbitter)

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I wasn't trying to start something btw, was just asking Humpty a genuine question for his opinion.


I agree that out of context it is at least a yellow card for the push, red if you believe he aimed for his face. But in context he was provoked, and yes he shouldn't be retaliating but if someone tries to poke your eyes, you're not gonna stand there and let them. I also happen to think he pushed his chest but that's based on the poor footage we've seen, maybe the panel has been shown something clearer.


There's a lesson for Traore here too in that he needs to realise he's our main attacking force so he's gonna be targeted with stupid tackles and verbal abuse, just has to try and rise above it but he's young and that kind of experience does come with age.


All in all a good result for Boro so I'm happy.

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I don't think the Oviedo thing really matters too much. It probably should but I'm not sure how much it holds up in appeals, during or after the game. The only incident in question is the act done by Traore himself.


From my viewing, it looks like he reacted and swung his arm out. He didn't do it with intent to hit Oviedo in the face but from the video, that's what it looks like he did to me. As Humpty has said, Traore is a bloody strong lad, probably the strongest we have in our side by a huge margin. The way he swings his arm out doesn't seem to me like Oviedo has faked anything. Rubbing it on thick, perhaps, but nothing out of the ordinary.


Having said all that, to imply that the panel have absolutely not applied the rules of the game to the incident in question is bordering on tin-foil hat territory. Nobody knows for sure what we put forward or how they came to their conclusion but I think the fact it has been rescinded is surely down to them applying the laws of the game to all the evidence available. From what I've seen and what I know, I thought it was a red card, just as I thought Gestede's was. But I can't say they've definitely got it wrong because they undoubtedly have more information than I do and certainly understand the laws better than I ever will.


Now that it is overturned, I think the important thing is that Traore needs to learn to keep a lid on it. He was provoked in a manner and he has to rise above that. It took a hold of him and he needs to respond by out-performing the opposition. Not always easy, certainly when the entire stadium and the opposition players are trying to wind you up but what's certain is if he doesn't react the way he did, there's no chance he gets sent off regardless of how the officials see it.

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if you go frame by frame on the footage you can see traore get a haduken in there. i think thats what must have knocked him over so easily, if you zoom in on his mouth you can see him saying it as his hand is raised. adama is obviously using football as a cover because he must be a champion anime under world professional fighter.

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    • that's  a good shout, if he's recovered from his serious knee injury
    • Probs not imo. Think Warnock wants a full back who can also play CB or visa verser hence the links with Bryan and Brown. 
    • Joe bennett is still available on a free. Wonder if Warnock will be tempted the longer Bola is out
    • I suppose if one of those is then injured, then McNair can step into that gap. But personally I'm a little sceptical of his ability to play in a back 4 and I do think we can find better for those positions. Midfield is an interesting point, Warnock has mentioned he likes the 5-2-3, which would probably see McNair deployed on the left of a back 3. But where I see potential for thinking McNair is surplus is in the 4-3-3 (Warnock has said he likes). If that is our go to formation for the season,  judging on the line-ups last season and who we've brought in (and looking to bring in Payero), I'm not sure McNair starts in a 4-3-3. If we go 4-3-3 I reckon we'll see Crooks effectively take up a similar role to what Saville had last season. He'll be encouraged/allowed to step up from midfield (with the ball) and press (without the ball) alongside the lone striker. Think Morsy will be a starter most games and we know Howson is one of Warnock's favourites. With Payero coming in, Wing potentially staying (obviously he may yet leave) and a few younger lads (Malley, Hackney) around the squad, I can see why the suggestion McNair is a sellable asset comes into consideration.

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