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Boro v Leeds 3-0 (Bamford, Bamford, Bamford)

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Isn't Cranie a suitable DM aswell?


Would he fit as the ultra defensive CM with Besic and Howson in more free roles?


Just a thought..


Argue with me! :D


I'd say that'd be more like 5 at the back. Cranie isn't really a creative player; he's more a defensively solid full back.


I am pretty sure, that when we signed him, he was described as a Full back, centre back and a holding midfielder. Very versatile...


The word 'versatile' has nothing to do with 'talent' though. ;)

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I think it was clear that the team was set out with a plan to play far more patient football at the right phases in play. I was pleased to see how, instead of hitting the ball up the field at every conceivable opportunity like we have done previously under Pulis, our players looked to pass the ball around in midfield and even backwards in defence when there was no worthwhile option in advanced areas. Bamford obviously isn't suited battling for long aerial balls so I think Gestede's injury has reluctantly convinced Pulis to adapt to a more patient style that suits the players now available to him. Any team with Traore in it will always have phenomenal counterattacking bursts so we're always going to have that threat in any style of passing. The three central midfielders were very conducive to us playing a far more patient style through the thirds of the pitch, and the tweek seemed to help out fullbacks get forward a little bit more at times. Bamford's movement drifting into space and playing off the shoulder of defenders so he's far better suited to a more patient style of play so I'm not surprised to see him excelling lately. Hopefully it's the start of a transition of Pulis adapting to what it takes for a promotion chasing side, as opposed to as surviving in the Premier League where safety first football is the bedrock of most smaller teams successful survival bids.

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    • Thats what I thought. He scored more than any of our players (just) in a team so bad they got relegated. If Warnock can sort our team out to provide something approaching decent service, he could be a good acquisition. Or at least as good as we can expect if we're rebuilding on a tight budget.  
    • Absolutely no chance I would be paying that. He is 30 and has 12 months left on his contract i read. Defo needs to be a 6 figure sum and not 7 figure sum.
    • £1.2m is the figure being quoted so we'll probably get ripped for for £2m knowing us  
    • If Smith signs i would imagine he would certainly be arriving as back up and not main striker. Secondly 10 goals and 3 assists for the team that finished 2nd bottom in league imo is not the worst record. Yes he wont get pulses raising but Kieffer Moore hit 10 goals for struggling Wigan last season and in a better team his return was better and we (whether people like NW or not) are better than Rotherham. I am not for one second suggesting Smith will score 20 goals for us like Moore has for Cardiff but he would not be worst back up target man if that is what he arrives as given his numbers last season.
    • 224 but ran out of time 🤦‍♂️ It felt like I spent 5 mins just trying to remember Mark Summerbell's name, which wouldn't be so bad but he wasn't the person I was even trying to remember.  I was actually thinking about Steve Baker and the League Cup semi final against Liverpool when he did that man-marking job on Steve McManaman.  I think Summerbell was the lad who was going out with one of Robson's daughters while he was playing for us?  Quite a few I didn't get from the last 5 years or so really.  Didn't even get a couple from the current squad 🤭

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