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Boro v Brentford (A) 1-1 (Traore)

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    • Literally couldn't be further from the truth! I've not planned to go anywhere abroad in about 8 years and that was for work training!
    • He was an avid poster when I first joined the forum about ten years ago. Met him briefly before the play off final against Norwich. Seemed like a very nice guy and was certainly a big reason for this forums succes. Thoughts to his family❤️
    • Won player of the year, only behind Tav and Fry on whoscored, played every game, most assists, I think he tailed off in the second half of the season mind but he was head and shoulders above the rest on the first half of the season. Fry was better overall for me but I wouldn't dream of selling McNair, as even if he's not out best player he is easily up there
    • Well we've already signed Crooks so if we needed to sell to buy him that was a bit of a dumb thing to do. That's surely not a realistic assumption to make? As for Ciaron Brown or Kean Bryan, again, they're not improving the first 11 as far as I understand it so why bother selling someone who is pretty emphatically one of our best players (including having the prestigious oneBoro Player of the Season 2020/21 award to his name) to fund moves for them? I'd rather keep McNair than bring in 1 or 2 players who aren't expected to start anywhere near as many games as McNair does. Not to mention that Kean Bryan is out of contract so I don't really know why selling McNair is required to bring him in. I know all the money adds up but as it stands, we are making moves without seemingly intending on selling anyone barring maybe Akpom, Spence and Coulson. I don't get the feeling we're in a bad position in terms of needing to sell to buy so unless that changes, keep your best players. We are only making the first team worse by selling McNair.
    • @wilsoncgpI had that the other day on Chrome. Couldn't click the drop-down menu to check notifications without being taken to a Jet2 landing page. It didn't recur, and I'd forgotten all about it til just now.

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