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Boro vs Wolves 1-2 (Bamford)

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I know we're still mid-way through the international break, but I really don't care about that so here goes with the big one:



Teams – Boro vs Wolves

Location – Riverside

Competition – The Championship

Date – Fri 30th March 2018

Kick off – 17:30



I don’t know how others feel about this one but it feels like a big one. Only 8 games to go and we hold a playoff spot by a point but have a tricky (or fortunate depending on how you look at it) run in playing 4 other teams fighting for a playoff place as well as this one. A win here would give great momentum at the start of a run of 15 days where we play 5 games. We go into the game in the best patch of league form we’ve had all season being unbeaten in the last 6. Wolves are just coming out of their worst form of the year and have won their last 2 games.


Last Game

Seems like forever ago now but we came away with a point from tricky to visit Brentford. Traore once again proving that he has found an end product to his skill and pace.

Wolves had a visit of Burton Albion and dominated the game in a comfortable 3-1 win, with Benike Afobe scoring 2.



93 times we’ve met Wolves before coming out on top 45 times and losing just 28 games.


He looks familiar

As far as I can see the only wolves player that we’d know is Carl Ikeme, but having being diagnosed with leukaemia he hasn’t played this season.


Team News


Boro – Gestede out for the year, Fabio & possibly Ayala

Wolves – Just Ikeme (get well soon!)


Ones to Watch


Wolves – Benik Afobe

Could have been any of several, Diogo Jota, Bonantini, Cavaleiro but since his return in January Afobe has started twice and scored 3 goals which seems to have pulled Wolves out of the purple patch they were in and has steadied their ship which looks likely to cruise to the title as well as promotion


Boro – BAT

Forget the SAS (Sutton & Shearer) or the RAF (Rush & Fowler) – I fear I may be showing my age now – but Boro now have the BAT (ok – I admit it’s not quite as catchy) but Bamford and Traore have between them got Boro’s failing season somewhere near back on track, and if they stay fit and in form Boro will not be a side any of our rivals will relish playing.


View From the Other side




My predicted lineup: Randolph, Shotton, Ayala, Gibson, Friend, Clayton, Besic, Howson, Downing, Traore, Bamford

My predicted score: 1-1


Talking Points

Both teams spent big in Summer – before the season started (be honest!) whose squad would you have preferred to have?

Which squad would you rather have now?

How many points out of the 24 available do we need to secure a playoff spot?

As we get to the sharp end of the season should Neil Grainger do another video?

Who would win in a fight between a wolf and a lion?



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Just had a quick look at the Wolves forum and they don't look like selling out their allocation with a comments about hopefully getting to 2000.


Its a pretty disappointing turn out for a team that look destined for the Premier league and especially as they have a tag of being a big club/sleeping giant etc. I think we took about 6 thousand for a similar distance to Birmingham a few years ago on a Friday night.


It doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things but this is one of their best seasons in years and I expected a big following from them.

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We will win or lose this in midfield. At their place we were evenly matched and only a daft mistake and missed sitter cost us.


We are much better now whereas they are much the same I think.


So if Besic/Leadbitter/Howson get a better grip than at Brentford I think we can win this. I truly believe Traore can pretty much get us promoted single handedly if the other guys do their jobs.


So I think 2-1 Boro here.


I think we will get around 15 points from the remaining games and make it into the playoffs.

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A Purple Patch is used to describe when you're doing well, but semantics aside, good post.


I read on their forum that they haven't beaten us on our turf for a very long time so aren't too confident despite how well they've played this season. We need to use that uncertainty against them and come out firing on all cylinders. If we get the first goal we should win this one.

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5 games in 15 days, wow! Can you believe the season is already nearly over? It only feels like yesterday when Garry Monk was given a blank cheque book. It also feels like our season has only just started. Cannot believe we still have a chance of promotion given our start to the season.


I'm going to this one. First goal is key. 2-1 Boro.



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Friday late afternoon game, some people still work Good Friday. Trains alright to get there but going back is really no good, basically only one option and would absolutely mean leaving the stadium early. That and of course it's on Sky.


If you want a better answer though, check out their forum, it's pretty much all they've talked about in the link Teacider provided.

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In fairness to them, last train they could catch to get back to Wolverhampton leaves Boro at 19:30... And costs £98 one way. So they've essentially only sold tickets to Drivers, those who get the Club coaches and the sado-masochists willing to get the National Express up.

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How have Wolves not sold out???


It's Good Friday and it's on the telly?  Spend a load of money travelling on a coach/car/train to head up to Teesside for the day or spend less money in the pub and watch it there and then enjoy the rest of your night.

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