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Boro vs Wolves 1-2 (Bamford)

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Its games like this which is exactly why I don't want a Pulis rebuild in the summer. He has no idea how to win the amount of games needed for a top 2 finish. If he somehow claw our way into the playoffs get lucky and get promotion then so be it. 


Can anyone imagine a Pulis team without Traore carrying us attacking wise every game? urgh.....

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    • Pleased with the result! Some good performances all over but Payero, Sporar, Crooks and especially Bamba stood out for me, and it was good to see Lumley keep another clean sheet. I’m still not convinced that we’ll finish the season where this squad should but you can’t argue with a winning team so I won’t!  UTB
    • QPR v Nottingham Forest  H Fulham v West Brom  H Bristol City v Barnsley  H Derby v Blackburn  A Huddersfield v Millwall  D Hull v Coventry   A Middlesbrough v Birmingham   D Preston v Luton   H Sheff Utd v Blackpool  H Stoke v Cardiff  H Swansea v Peterborough  H Reading v Bournemouth   D
    • At least my quest to watch quest has been a bit more fruitful of late🙂
    • There are huge questions over how many players get injured under his coaching (we have an entire back five out atm), strong evidence of a bullying culture among his staff, and lucky-dip in-game tactics. I accept we're in far better form than you (and much higher up the table), but we've endured some absolutely atrocious performances this season. With the talent in our ranks, it's been perplexing to watch us hoofing the ball to the opposition keeper time and again. Warnock is leaving at some point this season, so we're basically marking time til then. Whenever he leaves, I don't think anyone on here will shed any tears, or feel as warmly towards him as you guys clearly do. If you want him back, we won't protest!
    • Speak for yourself DK I am certainly getting carried away after all this has not happened for a while and also perhaps drinking some CS has helped🤢

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