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The Eyes of Eagles.(Its so awesome)

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The Eyes of Eagles


 An eagle's flight from the top of the world's tallest building to his handler below. An eagle was fitted with a camera and released from the top of the 2,715 foot Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai.


The eagle has no idea where the tiny speck of land was that his handler is standing on or what it looked like a*** all of the other islands and buildings and people. Somehow from that altitude, the eagle actually picks out and recognizes the trainer from all of the other objects, people, etc. You can see him looking, looking, looking for the trainer, completely invisible to a human eye and the camera, then fold his/her wings and then drops like a bullet straight to that trainer.. very cool.  What surprised the experts is not only how efficiently the eagle spots his trainer from that altitude, but how smooth its flight is with no camera shake whatsoever, even when it goes into a power dive.


https://www.youtube.com/embed/ 6g95E4VSfj0?rel=0

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    • I agree with what Brunners is saying here @BillyWoofs_shinpad. I think it's a bit harsh to say he clearly wasn't motivated to do the job because he never got to do the job. He also had an awful start, suffered quite a long term injury at the start and despite being this big money signing that Burnley were supposedly desperate for, nothing has actually changed. Now maybe you can say as a professional he has to get on with that but I'd be shocked to hear Burnley paid £18m or whatever it was for a 4th choice centre-back who never makes the bench, I'd be shocked if that's the promise made to him when signing, I'd be willing to stake a lot on the idea that Ben was given some reassurances of playing time that simply haven't come to fruition. That may not make him unaccountable for the entirety of the process and like you, this is largely just my opinion. And I will say on the flip side, I also think it doesn't look good that he's training with us both for him and Burnley. I also think we're a bit culpable because I don't think Gibson wanted to leave and we pushed him out after wasting a *** ton of money. Now we are being this safe haven for him as he's come back to the conclusion that he had seemingly already made before leaving; he wanted to stay and he'll do anything to come back, including using the extent of his player power to make it happen.
    • It has been hinted at in the past the Burnley bought him to replace someone who was then never sold, if Gibson had been told these are my starters and even when they're unavailable you won't get a chance he probably wouldn't have signed. according to Johnathan Walters, Gibson was a true professional during his time there Walters added: "I will start by saying Ben is an unbelievable professional, he joined for £15million from Middlesbrough when he had been in and around the England squad and he just didn't play.   "He trained unbelievably well every single day, he is so professional outside of the club, he is always doing things to keep himself on top and improve himself and obviously something has happened. "It looks like he wants to go, something has happened within the club whether it is a falling out with the manager or staff.
    • It must have been a massive shock for poor Ben when he walked into the dressing room on his first day only to find out that Sean Dyche was the Burnley manager. 
    • Just saying things how I see them, Brunners. He’s not even training with Burnley, hasn’t for months, so I don’t think he has any motivation whatsoever to play for them.  By all means disagree, but provide some sort of argument to back your reasoning. 
    • Sean Mark Dyche!    😄
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