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Boro vs. Millwall 2-0 (Assombalonga, Howson)

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    • I'm not comparing us to last season though.  I don't quite understand why everyone is? Last season was an anomaly, caused by us appointing someone to the manager's job that had no business being there.  The two seasons before that we finished 5th and 7th and the bulk of this squad is still those players - Fry, Howson, Saville, McNair, Wing, Tavernier, Wing, Assombalonga, Fletcher, Johnson.  Dijksteel looks more than capable so far, Morsy looks like a good solid Championship player, and the same can be said for the likes of Hall, Akpom and Bettenelli.  We aren't the plucky underdogs in this league, the likes of Coventry and Wycombe are, so why act like it, unless it's to try and make things feel better? As we've discussed plenty of times, it's not a choice between points and entertainment.  Other clubs manage both, but some Boro fans seem to have convinced themselves that you have to decide between one and the other. Having said that, my opinion is already known so I should shut up about it, as nothing is going to change, and believe it or not, I don't want to be a downer for other people.  So I will button it on that subject from now on.
    • He hasnt played a decent game this season. But then again heade a few good tackles late on when he was playing deeper. So maybe he would be better in a 4. Not seen much from him going forward 
    • Wouldn't say he was plodding tbf, he'd actually be a decent signing just not at the expense of McNair
    • He showed so much quickness and pace from that position that I think most felt he could naturally move up the field into an advanced role.  Maybe his talents are just suited to the back half of the pitch for now. Work on his defensive positioning. There is a place for a RB with with pace and quickness who can advance the ball. 
    • Thanks Brunners, I was wondering that. It would explain a lot, he looks absolutely lost in the wingback, winger position, no wonder if he has been coached through youth teams to play a different role
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