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Boro v Aston Villa - Playoff Semi Final (Second Leg) 0-0 (0-1 agg)

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A Baggies fan here and I come in peace.


I came on to see what your thoughts and views were about Pulis. For obvious reasons I was absolutely praying that you would knock the vile out the other night but when I watched the game unfortunately I saw something very familiar. I have to say that I was very surprised when you appointed the capped one, and I see he has not changed one bit. As you know we are coming to join you next season, and we deserve to in all honesty. Our football under Pulis at the end of last season and this season was excruciating to put it mildly, and to show you how dumb our board was we even gave him a contract extension in the close season. Do you know if he has total control of who he buys/sells? because he did here and we are now paying for it, that is a big mistake. Don't expect to sign anyone under 6ft 2.

To be fair he probably will get you out the Championship, like he did with Stoke, but it won't be pretty and you will get used to the phrases such as 'smashing bunch of lads', and 'he works aaaard'. To start with I was a Pulis fan, after all he saved us from relegation, but he should have gone after he did the job he was paid for. But his football is negative and shocking, so much so that eventually quite a few stayed away from the ground. Against the vile the other night I believe you had no shots on goal? I am afraid that you will be seeing that quite a lot next season unfortunately, he doesn't have a clue about attacking other than playing a solitary striker up front and punting the ball long to him as and when.

I wish you well for the new season and can I say that this seems to be a very well run forum. Have you ever been on the Stoke site Oatcake? They don't like Pulis either, but they are rather more 'agricultural' in their views!!

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Cheers for the input skyclad, interesting perspective on Pulis and one that a lot of Baggie’s fans seem to have.

Think a full season with Pulis after he’s built his own squad will give us more of a feel for what he’s like, as to be fair to him he’s only had a half a season with us.

Not sure on whether it’s good or bad for us, but only time will tell!

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    • He was probably our top target because he was free and experienced at this level. It's disconcerting when we need three in and we've missed out on a free transfer. Going to be a long summer.
    • Well football is cyclical. They were at the top of theirs back then...as were we. I guess we can count ourselves lucky we didn't bottom out as low as they did.     In one sense they were horrible days. With hindsight we were clearly spending beyond our means...even with Sky's millions. Not saying Southgate would have kept us up without the budget cutting but he'd have had a better chance. We didn't plan long-term to make sure we could sustain our place in the PL...or mount a strong comeback once we got relegated. Just been a series of kneejerk reactions and short-term thinking. On the flip side it was fun while it lasted. I would love to know though if Gibson & the board actually thought the gravy train would ride on indefinitely, or if they were actually aware of the precarious state the club would be in, if the money stopped rolling in... Also, the closest we came to losing our identity was when the stadium was renamed the Cellnet Riverside. No-one was demanding the club change its kit, badge or name, as has happened in some cases.   Ah yes, the days when we were Middlesburgh Celtic. 😁  
    • This is scarily familiar, right down to the team signing our top option!
    • If he was our top target and he has chosen to go play second fiddle to last seasons ‘obviously not top target’ that’s disconcerting.
    • That is the only thing that would surprise me. The scale of the rebuild needed is huge. I don’t see us getting quality and quantity.

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