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Summer Transfer Window 2018.

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I'd rather keep him at that price.


After all, isn't the reason we're waiting so long to do business is because prices are coming down? If we fall in line with that, weren't we just better off doing all the business sooner?

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15m would be a fair price I feel.


Take the boy hood zeal away and he's only had a couple of seasons premier league and has been relegated twice..


Fry can step in now with Ayala, Shotton, Flint and maybe Friend as other CB cover?


Get Bryan to come in as left back and also rb cover if and when needed.


I'm still thinking that we need to offload at the top end of the squad before we "reinvest" potential Gibson money into attackers, else we will have a top heavy squad..

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If the sale means that we can bring in the players we need, then so be it, £12m is a little low, but with the odd add on, it’s not far off.


I agree but the add ons need to be


£2m if Burnley survive relegation

£1m if he plays in Europe

£2m if he wears black/red Adidas football boots

£2m if he plays on a Saturday

£1m if he plays on a Sunday

£1m per England cap in the next 2 years

33% sell on fee

£5k Per Parmo he has in the season

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As much as I think that £15/16m is the most we are likely to get for Gibson, you would think that we would be able to negotiate some sort of deal with Everton which would be worth more than that i.e. Besic + £10m.

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