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Summer Transfer Window 2018.

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I still think we'll beat Leeds to Besic's signature. The lad loved being on loan with us last season and if it's a like for like deal pay-wise. I can see him choosing us.


I hope you are right here, but i have to say (and i hate it) that Leeds seem to be putting a strong team together, although he loved his time here, i do not think it will play a part in his decision. If he feels Leeds have a better chance than us of going up, i think he will go there. But i really do hope you are right!

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I'm hoping:


Kalas (RB/CB)

Knudsen (LB)

Adomah/Bolasie (RW)

Besic (CM)


Though I'd sacrifice at least 2 of those to keep Baethwaite.


Do you not find it annoying that he seems twice the player now he’s playing for a move? Never seen him dictate things like he did on Tuesday.


No because he's playing some great stuff in a Boro shirt. He's not some journeyman, mercenary player, and judging by his social media he appreciates the Boro fans - so I'm not convinced this form is simply him playing for a move, and I think we'd see more of the same if we kept him throughout the season.


The reality is that Braithwaite is too good for this level. It was a stroke of luck that we even managed to get him in the first place. There's not a single name from the linked wingers list who I'd rate higher than Martin. I've said numerous times that I was a fan of his before he came here, and his attitude has always been spot on throughout his career. You can understand why he felt the need to leave last season with Pulis compromising his strengths in his role and with a very competitive space in the Denmark World Cup squad up for grabs, but I believe - given his character - he'll excel here if he stays this season.


Braithwaite looks like a good player but I don't think he looks too good for this level.


I watched someone like Neves last season and he looked a class above and thought he'd get into a lot of Premier league teams.


I don't think Braithwaite is good enough for the Premier league and even at this level I don't think he's looked head and shoulders above everyone else, he just looks like a decent championship player.

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From Nixon


This is how mad it is. Clucas to STOKE ... means no chance of Ritchie now ... and that hits NEWCASTLE in the pocket and stops moves for Townsend, Ings and maybe Fernandez. Bid for Fernandez stands at 3. Ings probably stuck. One of those days?


Wonder if we could go for Ritchie at a reduced price or wages and a big loan fee

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Tony Fernandes has gone on Twitter again to reiterate all Freeman offers being rejected after Mogga apparently went in with a £4m bid. Unless they can sign someone they feel is better than Freeman, I just don't see him leaving.

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Braithwaite cost us a ton of money.. we pay him a great salary.. he signed a contract knowing full well we play in the 2md division. If Pulis needs him and the fans want him.. just say the guy isn't for sale? Tell him to smash it this season as a Boro player and if we don't go up there's a gentleman's agreement he can leave in the Summer.

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It's going to be especially tough if the clubs we want to deal with are in the Prem and not done with their own business. Loan-to-buy deals almost certainly discussed. Just 8 and a half hours to go of the permanent window.


I'll be looking to get the Brum match thread up tonight after work (to hopefully incorporate some good business).


Fortunately Everton are due to complete the signing of Bernard so should be no trouble letting Bolasie leave

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Think I’d prefer Ritchie over Yannick. Obviously at their best Bolasie is the better player. But with Titchie you still get s very good player on a much more consistent level.


Also we need to sort the left side (still) however selling Adama has made us much more balanced. We are now toothless on both flanks ;)

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