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Summer Transfer Window 2018.

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Since our promotion windfall we have had 3 summer windows and 2 winter windows we are at a net spend of around 0 in fact we have probably made a profit based on add on clauses well done to the club and financial management team.

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It'd be kinda funny if it was just a picture of his car driving away and it cuts to a few Boro officials with confused looks on their faces.


Is Besic confirmed then or not?? Nervous here!


No we couldn't get it done in time.


Just saying  :whistle:

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Mo Besic deal has stalled - told the issue was the difference between what Boro would pay and what he is on at Everton. The two clubs couldn't agree on how much, if anything, Everton would contribute to a deal. Told the issue was between the two clubs, rather than the player.

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Good luck in the loan market we're fighting with about 5 clubs at a time to convince young professional players, and we need young attacking players, to sign for Tony Pulis and up sticks across the country most probably maybe we can ask Harrison to give them a reference....

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    • We finished exactly where I expected us to, in all honesty. Always found the talk of play offs baffling when we just about stayed up last year and didn't improve the squad in any meaningful way.  You can get promoted with average players and a great manager (likes of Leeds, Sheff Utd, Burnley) or you can just have a bigger squad with much better players than everyone else (Bournemouth, Watford, WBA, Fulham etc). Then you get Wolves, Norwich, Newcastle that have both and walk the league.  We had the money to make a bigger, better squad than everyone else and blew it... We've also had about 5 opportunities to get the manager right. Now we have neither and that won't be changing over the summer, so I think people need to be realistic. Is Gibson working behind the scenes to bring in an ambitious, upcoming Bundesliga manager to take over Warnock's steady mid-table ship? Find it hard to believe personally.  Foreign billionaire fancies an investment in the north east? Again, highly doubt it... and careful what you wish for anyway and all that. We're a mid-table Championship side until a big catalyst comes in. 
    • I just can't see where the money is going to come from judging from the club accounts and Bulkhauls horrendous year. Unless sales are happening
    • As mentioned above I do feel the lack of depth and quality in the first half of the season had an impact with us unable to rotate and rest players in our squad meaning we struggled in the 2nd half of the season. The likes of Mcnair were playing 4 games in 8-9 days with the international breaks but we didn't have any option to rest him given injuries and lack of quality to cover him. I think we were only a point off Watford when we got to January. Unfortunately our 3 loanees came with a lack of match sharpness requiring time to settle and then we lost the likes of Tav Dijksteel and Fry at important parts of the season. I agree with the second part I do worry with giving Warnock significant money considering he has probably got no more than 12 months left with us. It would be a huge gamble and if it goes wrong it sets us back another few years. However we need a fair few signings to even get on par regarding the standard of our squad for this season.   
    • We were certainly worse after January but the 3 players we brought in hardly kicked a ball in the first half of the season and required several weeks if not months to get up to standard. I feel if they had all joined in the summer it would have eased the burden on the squad by giving us more depth and quality after a few weeks of the season. It would have eased the pressure and overplaying the likes of Taverner who ended up getting injured with nobody to come in to effectively replace him. I think our poor form in the 2nd half of the season would have been impacted by 'burnout' when you think about the amount of games several players were having to play. Howson and Mcnair examples of players who struggled towards the end of season. I do worry for next season though as we are going to need at least 6-7 new signings to replace what we have lost and probably a couple more on top of that to be seen as a strengthened team unless our academy players are able to make the step up. Im not sure I have faith in us completing so many signings this summer.  
    • The point being none settled in and we just got worse as the season rolled on and finally give up. A centre back is not what we needed but a new manager. How the hell SG can put faith and money in NW is simply financial suicide.  

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