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Summer Transfer Window 2018.

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Well done to Northern Boro a very good and well maintained transfer window thread

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    • Totally agree we badly need a Leadbitter character in the squad, even if my Android spell check just changed his name to lead otter. Britt has been a waste of space as a captain, but surely McNair could do a job for us until we recruit a proper leader? He plays in defence or midfield, is a seasoned player and a full international, generally does a good job on the pitch and has physical presence.
    • Well we need to win to close the gap on Cardiff, so I think we'll probably come out half soaked 1st half, go 2 down before the penny drops and we end up chasing the game, so nope don't fancy us at all, our home form of late is absolutely shocking, so repeat of Tuesday 3-1 defeat.
    • I use to always tease people by claiming that cricket is not a sport. Anything that takes 5 days to end up in a draw can’t possibly be a sport. I once said that to one of the other dads at my boys football match. How was I supposed to know that it was Pete Trego 🤷‍♂️ (True story) 
    • I honestly wouldn't mind trying NML up front, makes very little difference to me. It really can't be worse than having Britt or Akpom up front right now, individually there's not a lot going on without someone actually winning the ball in the air, Akpom and Britt have shown they can't do it. Christ, we'd be better off putting Grant Hall up front in this system than any of those 3.
    • A fter reading through the replies on this thread im still unable to add any half decent suggestions to the questions raisedin the OP. T he main conmclusion going thru my mindis that its thrown up another importantly needed addition in the summer. no-one in the current squad stands out as a serios contender and my personal take on Britt being given it was to try to give him more reason to involve himself in games but it hsnt happened. 
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