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oneBoro MOTM/Player Ratings Thread 2018/19 Season

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    • Just to be clear you will author the next game when Boro lose or draw either today or later on. Example if we win tonight I stay onto author the next game and will continue until we lose or draw
    • He's never going to get the same contract anywhere else, so perhaps he'd be open to a new three year contract on say 25k instead of risk being without a club in the summer. Just this season it's become pretty apparent that a lot of players find it hard to get contract offers. I would still assume that he will get offers on a free, but not close to what heis on here. If he is happy he could well think that we will offer him the best deal perhaps with a Prem club release clause.
    • I agree with you mate. I think Roberts needs a rub of games. This idea of throwing him in here and there is unfair on him and neither will it see him produce his best. He might produce some mediocre performances to start with but give him a run of games and then see what he can do. If he fails to produce over a run of a half dozen games then by all means pass judgment For what it is worth i would be looking to get someone in on left who can cut in. A roberts equivalent almost. Bolasie would have been a good fit. 
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