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oneBoro MOTM/Player Ratings Thread 2018/19 Season

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Brentford v Boro 24-Nov-2018


The MOTM wasn't even on the pitch!


Btw, whoever keeps giving flint multiple 10's and not giving anyone else a rating, your ratings are being deleted!




Perhaps Aiden is a OneBoro lurker??

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I don't even think I've ever seen anyone profess such a love for Aden on here so I'd be amazed if it's a regular!

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QPR V Boro 15-Dec-2018




Don’t quite get that. I thought Friend was the worst player on the pitch ???



Also thanks for doing this BU it’s a great feature of the forum:)

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    • Or maybe there won’t be one. We can’t keep everything under lockdown until the virus is completely gone or there is a 100% cure. Obviously money is a question because a lot of jobs depend on the football industry but the professional sport itself is a very safe environment for everyone that’s in it.  The governments around Europe are simply starting various businesses up that is deemed safe and professional football behind closed doors isn’t dangerous in any way. 
    • I suspect much of  the league is going to be in a similar position. We're quite lucky to have so many players running out of contract just as this economic crash is coming. I can see most of the league desperately trying to cut their wage bills.  Biggest downside is no one will be willing to spend money on Britt.
    • I would have said they were on a revival before the season was stopped. They were sixth in the form table over the last six matches. That was what seemed strange about the previous manager leaving - unless they had already lined Nathan Jones up to return? So  it could go either way for them. I guess for all clubs it’s like a new season starting, what with long term injured players returning and the fact that some players seem to start a new season quickly whilst others take time to get their form and settle in.
    • Haha, just wait until the inevitable second wave hits us. Some serious questions will be asked. 
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