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The Head Coach Thread.

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32 minutes ago, Foogle said:

It wasn't really a monk lineup either as he bottled it a few games in and started trying all sorts of formations and personnel.

We would definitely need better fullbacks for width, but our expectations are also a lot lower this season than Monk's season so I can see it working. 


As I remember Braithwaite got a knock early doors and Gestede came in and actually did pretty well. There was talk of a big bid from Leeds which we apparently knocked back..

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    • Whatever their result, we'll get in to the play-offs if we win. They draw and we leapfrog Reading, Bristol City win and we leapfrog Reading, Reading win and we leapfrog Bristol City on goal difference.
    • It's been reported that the three tier system is going to be in place until Easter at least. Not really surprising if it is because a lot of us thought there was something amiss when they extended furlough.
    • Agree re Senna. Gifted driver, no doubt, but I always preferred Prost, because he didn't come across as willing to cheat to achieve victory. Nobody expects footballers to all be role models, but when they're cheating ***, it does rather poison you against them. See also diving in the box, and rolling around clutching their faces when someone's arm brushes against them.
    • I have a good feeling about today and think we'll win and score a couple more goals! 
    • Or if we win and Watford lose, with Swansea not playing til tomorrow. Not that being in the playoffs at this stage of the season counts for much. For me, momentum is what matters right now, and we have to go for the win today to build on the confidence we'll already have gained after Wednesday night.
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