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Only prediction I'm pretty certain of is hard liquor will be getting downed this time tomorrow anything else I can't tell you except it'll either end up being barely passable as a good window or it'll go the other way and be another clownshow.



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Pulis giving an ultimatum of "sign me a load of technically deficient donkeys or I'll resign" sound like my sort of dream. If the club have looked at his target list and got a shudder down their spine then it's best that we cut ties with Pulis and start to rebuild us into a forward thinking club.

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Pulis gone (in the morning), two signings in the afternoon - a wide player (on loan) and a full back. No more outs.


Gibson does not seem like the kind of guy that responds well to ultimatums.. Especially with half of the fans already on the manager’s back and questions being raised over his own decisions of late. If the list has gone to Gibson then that will end any speculation about Pulis as DoF, as I can’t see Gibson wanting to install anyone in that high a position that is not a yes man. Probably announce the job is woodgate’s until the season end and agree a new contract with downing.

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    • I mentioned a while back about what would attract players to come to us in comparison to other teams “at our level”.    After the good training facilities there weren’t any other suggestions.    We need to attract players to play with a vision of excitement and something that will get the riverside bouncing. Would you want to sign for hoofball and a groan filled riverside??    I wish I had the optimism of some of the members thinking that magically we will go against our norm for this transfer window. Expect more “players to drift”, players out of “boro’s budget” and “stalling talks” to be a common theme.    Even IF by some mirical you wanted to sign for us, wouldn’t you be on borrowed time whilst Warnock is only here for one more season? Added to that how he’s thrown players like Akpom under the bus, I’ll ask again. What about us as the moment is an attractive option?  🧐
    • Don’t think it’s been mentioned but Millwall are after Lumley. also an unnamed championship team have looked at William Boyle. Big centre back with a few goals in him. Don’t know anything about him and it’s probably not us but hey it’s prewindow
    • 30+? ❌ Over 6 foot? ❌ Worse than Jordan Rhodes on the ball? ❌ Don't think he'll be a target for us this summer by the looks mate
    • Forgot Liverpool still had a game in hand. A draw is the best result. Thankfully Iheanacho has just got one back.

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