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Boro v West Bromwich Albion (A) 3-2 (Saville, Assombalonga (2) )

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Get in Britt. Now come on Boro make DS’s day. Come from behind and win the game

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    • And yet the players who seem to earn the most here recently have tended to be those same players signed over that period regardless of any large signing on fees they were paid.  A £5k per week decrease in salary over three years is £750k.  Double it and double the amount.  £500k wouldn't be enough to cover those types of losses.
    • If all that is true then the one good thing about that window is that we managed to keep the wage budget down instead of just giving them all massive wages. So it could be worse. Glad to hear that someone like fletcher and Shotton aren’t on 30k if what you’ve been told is true 
    • If I remember correctly Ayala has an ankle injury.. Last time he had an ankle injury he could move around fine so Karanka accused him of faking it and his wife had to post a picture of his ankle on twitter to stop the fans criticising him.
    • That's exactly what I am saying. Under Monk most players who joined us were giving a significant signing on fee and their agents were giving massive sweeteners to make the transfers happening. What players were on at previous clubs I cannot speculate as I don't have that information, but offering players 500k+ signing on fee would be enough for players to jump ship regardless of their basic salary at the previous club I would of thought.
    • Britt, Gestede, Randolph, Clayton, Howson the big earners. Maybe Ayala but don't know much about his situation 
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