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Boro v West Bromwich Albion (A) 3-2 (Saville, Assombalonga (2) )

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Do not understand Clayton and Howson on the bench together would surely be better to have the gymnast on there to throw on if things go against us.


Let's see how this quartet does in the 541 I hated when we played this earlier in the season there wasn't enough ball carriers in the 4 we'd play but Besic/Wing/Saville playing might change that dynamic.

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A five man defence and a defensive midfielder. That would only work if the other three midfielders are instructed with charging forwards at every opportunity to support Hugill.


Pulis absolutely will not instruct them to play like that.


Oh dear.

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[align=left]BeardySmog's BeardyLineup





Shotton    Ayala   Flint   ^   Friend





Howson   Wing    Besic    Saville




This is not what I want to see but what I expect to see..



Close, but your expectations weren't as bad as the actuality!

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This is going to be a backs against the wall job with nobody to hold up the ball or carry it forwards so it will just keep coming back at us. Are WBA good enough to penetrate that defence, only time will tell but lets face it they will only have to do it once with that team

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