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Welcome to this Sabbath's football mass taking place @ Wigan's holy DW Stadium @ 3 PM  :exclamation:


During the latest days the OneBoro forum has seen long discussions about religion, but in a respectful way. 


That made me think, that the only religion that should find it's way to this forum, is our shared love for the Mighty Boro! This is the one thing, that should unite all the members here and exciting days lies ahead. 

Since the arrival of Saint John (Obi Mikel) even the hardest non believers have found a way of somehow enjoying the game a little more, even though most of them still would like to see Priest Pulis replaced. Some might even want him crucified or stoned, but there is no need in making him a martyr! 


Speaking about beliefs, that well fired shot of Fletcher's, which lead to a magnificent goal in last game v QPR, should make the striker believe much more in himself, and if Pastor Pulis allows him to start again in a front two, he should shine like a bright star and score again against Wigan, who is flirting with the nether-world aka the bottom of the league. 

I won't preach much longer, but these questions need some answers! 


Will it be the same 11 and formation? (why/why not)


How will the game end (obviously with a whistle, but I mean result wise?)


Are any of you traveling to the game? (pilgrims)


Who would you put in the starting 11, if not the same 11 disciples as last game?


Now let us all pray this evening prayer before the coming Sabbath (Saturday)


Now I lay me down to sleep

Pray the Boro 3 points to keep

If we lose before the break

In second half the points we take




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probably showing my ignorance, but always assumed that Vikings/Norsemen were one and the same and covered all Scandanavia.......I know that part of Denmark was the home of the Jutes and that they arrived here with Angles and Saxons....so does that make them Jutish...being serious, I am always curious about things and if you can enlighten me about things, I would be grateful

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one of the Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse? :)


he can be jewish but he cant be a Norseman..... He is danish.....




is that a sweden v denmark thing, because Danes are definitely norsemen as far as I'm aware?

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Are you Jewish, SD?


I am only half Jewish and then only half circumcised. The stupid part is, that it's the top half of my foreskin missing. "it" looks like a platypus and my girlfriend says "Oh, there you are Perry"

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If there is ever a time for Pulis to get the crowd believing, motivated and on his side it has to be Wigan! A good win and classic display could lift the crowd, players and the town and give us momentum. It is a must win game, it’s achievable and we must want and take the game to lay down a marker to others. I will again predict a BORO win by a one goal margin.

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