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Europa League 11.04

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Today will be the first matches of 1/4 play-offs 


***nal vs Napoli

Benfica vs Eintracht Frankfurt

Slavia Prague vs Chelsea


Villarreal vs Valencia



What do you think about it? Who will be watching?

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Results after first matches


***nal 2:0 Napoli

Benfica 4:2 Eintracht Frankfurt

Slavia Prague 0:1 Chelsea

Villarreal 1:3 Valencia

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    • If the manager talks about bad attitude and getting rid, then that destroys any bargaining position and lowers any potential fee further. It's amateur to do that, not to talk up a player. Additionally if we can't offload and needed him to be available for the team then best to have him onside in that eventuality. Remember the euro transfer window is open much longer than the championship one, so we could have potentially had him on the books for the first few weeks of the season and still be paying him during that time.
    • 5 million in, toxic attitude out and 50k off the wage bill.. it’s a no brainer. Don’t really like Woody setting himself up to fail tho.. Defending MB and saying he wants to stay.. why do it? And why is the press officer letting those quotes go out? It’s so amateur.
    • He's the biggest shareholder in Barnsley so he couldn't actually buy us without selling his stake in them.  I like your out of the box thinking though, as always 👍
    • It's probably worth remembering that we signed Braithwaite as a Championship club.  I think jamesp is about right in what he has said really.  We signed a player for £9m and whatever he gets paid per week as a Championship club.  You can talk about parachute payments if you like but it doesn't change the fact that we're taking a hit on him after taking a hit on Flint.  It's the right thing to do but it's still *** poor on the part of the club.
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