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Europa League 11.04

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Today will be the first matches of 1/4 play-offs 

This matches you can find in popular football Telegram channels

***nal vs Napoli

Benfica vs Eintracht Frankfurt

Slavia Prague vs Chelsea


Villarreal vs Valencia

What do you think about it? Who will be watching?


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Results after first matches


***nal 2:0 Napoli

Benfica 4:2 Eintracht Frankfurt

Slavia Prague 0:1 Chelsea

Villarreal 1:3 Valencia

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    • Yep agreed. I mean, it's obviously not ideal to have about 50k a week not contributing in Gestede and Shotton but considering the enormous turmoil we've experienced in recent years it could be much worse. If we can't extend with Britt we need to sell him in the summer and I can see us having to accept a deal less than 5 mil. As you say Stoke look in horrible shape, and they will be lucky that they still have year with parachute money next season but they will drastically have to cut back and get rid of some serious deadwood.
    • 3 star manager? 🤷‍♂️🙃😂
    • Whatever you think of our deadwood it could have been worse I mean look at Stoke they have 30+ million pounds of players out on loan and no sign of people actually paying permanent fees for them. We could be in a worse position when you think of the Vokes type we were linked with wanting under Pulis he looks shot, even looking back to the PL summer our no.1 midfield target before De Roon was Lukas Rupp for 8 million he joined Norwich this month for 500k! Only player I'm left worrying about us shifting from the books is Britt unless he hits a hot streak before the summer shifting him for what we'd consider a reasonable price in the summer seems like a very difficult protracted effort but he has to go.
    • Because no one else wants Deadwood either. We're stuck until their contracts expire.
    • Klopp is a *** and always has been.
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