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Investment Rumours. Reality or Red Bull S***?

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Personally I think it’s all bull @@@@.


Bull or not, it’s easily giving us more excitement than anything on the pitch, so keep the info coming Smoggydownsouth, it’s well received!

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I can put this to bed now.


The rumours are true.


However. Wether or not the rumours come to fruition now that’s the discussion ;)

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I believe Steve Gibson will do his best to ensure if there is new investment that proper due diligence is done to ensure the future of the club is in good hands.

Maybe it is time, not sure but football has changed dramatically over the Sky era and now is a business first and foremost.

Depends what vision he has for the club but I don't think these rumours are without foundation, Peter Kenoon seems much more active again don't you think?

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Uwe are we talking RB? Or different investors or both ?

Any idea if advanced or in early stages of interest?


I think he was joking!


Jimmys right I was playing with the wording of the title. I’m sorry but I’m at a zoo/wildlife park with the kids and bored out of my mind

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Trust Boro supporters to be like fish wife’s tittle tattling over take over rumours, then again all interest in the club under Pulis stewardship has driven us this way, maybe we need a Coronation Street thread just to keep people interested in this forum, so sad we have come to this. Just had an awful thought, Gibbo only sells to a multi billion consortium on the proviso that we keep Pulis and then spend millions on 8 of the best and biggest central holding midfielders in the world and still play Hugill up front on his own

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