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Summer Transfer Window 2019/20 Season

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SDS, it’s Dijksteel at Rockliffe

For all those asking about these 4 players at rockcliffe just before weekend. I have done some digging appears it was bola Browne and 2 premiership loan players, sketchy with details but I believe the

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10 minutes ago, Raf smog said:

Remember don't believe everything Charlton say. He has been there all day. 

I heard the goalposts moved on Dijksteel and he ended up being a lot more expensive than originally thought? Initally was super low wages and low up front fee.

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1 minute ago, Dan_Boro_Till_I_Die said:

@Raf smog @Lurker anything in the lad from abroad Boye? Or Lowe being left out of pompy's squad

Nothing agreed as far as I know for Lowe. Pompey playing dangerous game could end up with a Braithwaite type situation. Bare in mind season starts at weekend and he hasn't been playing friendlies.  They keep moving goalposts 

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    • Earlier or later on the same day I'd imagine.  Ridiculous but hey ho.
    • Eh? So when will it take place?
    • Owing to the funeral of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh next Saturday's game at home to QPR will not take place at 3pm
    • To be fair Warnock made the “Woodgate season” look better than it was points wise given he collected 12 out the 53pts we ended up with. Woodgate left us on 41pts with 8 games left and staring relegation squarely in the face despite his deluded belief to this day he felt he would have saved us.  I accept your point on NW though. I think season has fizzled out so be better to judge him when we got something to play for. Just don't be mentioning the Woodgate season. Haha. My stomach still turns at the thought of us being in the 3rd tier. Horrific season. 
    • I hope this does not come across wrong as I have nerve wished any player to make an error in a boro shirt despite my views on his ability or lack of. However, given we have lost and it was due to an error I am kind of happy the error is by Bettinelli. The reason being this.. He is not the type of keeper required to make a promotion push. He is far too inconsistent and regularly makes errors which seem to go unnoticed by media but not us. He has in my opinion managed to escape criticism this season when his unconvincing goalkeeping has deserved more of it. Today his shaky nature is there for all to see and if this error is what brings an end to his stay here then its a blessing.  

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