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Summer Transfer Window 2019/20 Season

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SDS, it’s Dijksteel at Rockliffe

For all those asking about these 4 players at rockcliffe just before weekend. I have done some digging appears it was bola Browne and 2 premiership loan players, sketchy with details but I believe the

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10 minutes ago, Raf smog said:

Remember don't believe everything Charlton say. He has been there all day. 

I heard the goalposts moved on Dijksteel and he ended up being a lot more expensive than originally thought? Initally was super low wages and low up front fee.

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1 minute ago, Dan_Boro_Till_I_Die said:

@Raf smog @Lurker anything in the lad from abroad Boye? Or Lowe being left out of pompy's squad

Nothing agreed as far as I know for Lowe. Pompey playing dangerous game could end up with a Braithwaite type situation. Bare in mind season starts at weekend and he hasn't been playing friendlies.  They keep moving goalposts 

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    • I commenting on what i thought NW saw when joining and he may have picked his tactic based on what we had then. Not since we had bolasie and kabano. though i agree with you. it is likely that he is just sticking to his old tactics from the 90's of percentage ***. what i dont like is when a ball playing defender with good distribution (paddy). passes back to bettinelli who like you said is terrible at kicking accurately. he just wellies it up field. wtf doent paddy play it long himself. he must be under instruction to do it.  earlier in the season when we had spells in games were we actually played it on the floor we looked so much better. it usually involved the young lads doing it. maybe they dont listen to the gaffer enough lol
    • Our players aren't told to pass the ball, that's the major issue. They're told to get the ball forward as quick as possible and try to win first and second balls. Our pass percentage will always be in the lower quarter of the league, regardless of who we buy.  I do definitely agree with improving the midfield - though I'd much prefer it was a midfield two with tav just ahead of them. 
    • Out of the teams above us, we only have a better passing % accuracy than Barnsley. We need players who can actually pass a ball, and i'd hope we are looking at improving our midfield 3, as I feel we lack real quality in these positions. Hopefully Mcnair will get more time in these positions next season, as he isn't a CB i'm overly confident in. 
    • Whilst accepting "Barbie Girl" is a parody, I have to agree that AR is right about admitting to singing it...  though I would have had more respect for SD if he had chosen "My Ding-a-ling" 🙂 
    • I disagree that we don't have players good enough to play the ball in a more controlled and purposeful way, particularly since the January transfer window. I wouldn't say any of our defenders are particularly bad on the ball at all, and all of our forwards/wingers thrive with the ball at their feet, not in the air. Not to mention we probably have the worst keeper in the league at long balls. The way we play is completely counter to our individual players strengths and it's purely because it's the only way our manager  knows how to play.

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