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Summer Transfer Window 2019/20 Season

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SDS, it’s Dijksteel at Rockliffe

For all those asking about these 4 players at rockcliffe just before weekend. I have done some digging appears it was bola Browne and 2 premiership loan players, sketchy with details but I believe the

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1 minute ago, Randy Sandwich said:

You must be exhausted - appreciate everything. My son lives in Canada and the info has been great to pass on to him - thanks. 

No problem mate. Happy to share what I can..yes exhausted and going offline until the morning.

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3 minutes ago, Johnmfc81 said:

Make sure your camera is working on your phone... ?

The buggers are making him hand it in at reception - shall we all chip in on a button camera and pay express delivery on amazon for him?

Purely for selfish reasons though ? 

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9 hours ago, Borodane said:

Considering the amount of goals Tav was involved in in very limited gametime he is definately a keeper.

I disagree. I reckon he can play CM, ACM or either flank as an inside forward. I dont  buy this box to box thing as when I have seen him he didnt seem to have the desire to track and bustle. Firmly believe his best position is behind a striker or on the left cutting in.

4 hours ago, Randy Sandwich said:

This "you said this, you said that" is a joke. I could be a life long Leeds fan playing for Fleetwood, Boro come on make an offer I say "yes" and the transfer process begins. 

Two days later I get an offer from Leeds - I ssy sorry to Boro and go to the club I would have picked given the choice. Or we go for medical and the wife says "no way I'm living here, don't sign" - there's so many scenarios when dealing with a human being looking for the best for his and his families future. 

Why can't people see that this is how people are?  Sometimes it's hard enough to keep a player who's under contract, let alone one who has said he will sign one. 

You do realise this is the bi-annual transfer thread??? Please leave all rational thinkinf out of this!

1 hour ago, BoroJake said:


Solskjaer has said he will be captain so I cant see it

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1 hour ago, J.T. said:

May I ask why you would say it’s tremendous? We’ve signed 3 players, none of which have been proven any higher than League 1 and we have again failed to fill the position we’ve been trying to fill for the last 3 transfer windows, since Traoré left...


Don’t get me wrong, the three lads we have look promising and, in theory, I like the path we are going down with regard to transfers. But until we see them play for half a season I certainly don’t think you can call this window tremendous. 

Ok so for the last few years we have had our pants down on deals  ie fletcher 7million savile what ever he was, flint, we are taking a different route of low risk high reward, yes the players we have signed may turn out to be bang average but can’t imagine they are on a high salary like the likes of Rudy,fletcher in the long run this the best way to go imo

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"Eddie Howe likes Marcus Tavernier but may leave that until another window"

Daily Mail, same source that pre empted Burnley's move for Fry.

Tav still hasn't signed a new contract as a reminder to people...

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6 minutes ago, TAPOUT said:

I see Luton are in for the Colchester full back nunthorpered said we had been watching. Kane Vincent Young. According to Sky.

yeah us and them in for him. Have been for a long time now. Not sure if we go with him or leave now we have dijksteel. 

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    • Whilst accepting "Barbie Girl" is a parody, I have to agree that AR is right about admitting to singing it...  though I would have had more respect for SD if he had chosen "My Ding-a-ling" 🙂 
    • I disagree that we don't have players good enough to play the ball in a more controlled and purposeful way, particularly since the January transfer window. I wouldn't say any of our defenders are particularly bad on the ball at all, and all of our forwards/wingers thrive with the ball at their feet, not in the air. Not to mention we probably have the worst keeper in the league at long balls. The way we play is completely counter to our individual players strengths and it's purely because it's the only way our manager  knows how to play.
    • we need the players to play with it on the group in tight areas to. most of our squad players dont and just lump it. because of the instructions they are given. that is probably because like we seen under woodgate, they are not good enough to play and will lose possession and cause us problems. the main thing with woodgate tactics was losing the ball and instantly putting ourselves in trouble and outnumbering with guys all over the shop. NW stopped that by making us more rigid in shape and telling them to not dally and lump it over the top. at least that's how i see it in a simplified way.
    • We need a lot of those things but the thing we need the most is a new approach and intent. We won't get promoted from this league playing percentage football, hoping that luck falls on our side every game. 
    • I'm surprised to see May miss out of the squad I feel even when not on form he is still capable of producing something.  Sexton is another big omission although that one is more understandable given Russell's form right now. On that note it was refreshing to see the form player getting selected. But I did think leadership and experience might have edged Sexton in. It will be interesting to see how Simmonds does having continually being left out by Jones for England despite arguably being the best forward in the country right now.

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