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Summer Transfer Window 2019/20 Season

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7 minutes ago, BoroSmoggie said:

Hopefully he finds some form there, as I do like the lad. On paper it could work.

On a side note involving Fletcher. Does anyone think he lacks so much confidence? It’s always like he plays to 80% of his full game, I’ve thought this since he came here. He’s not one that’s gonna grab a game by the scruff of the neck. Really just wish in one game he just goes for it, flies into some challenges and show some aggression(?).

He was a bit like this against Bolton last year, really looked to drive with the ball! Who knows he's started the season with a goal and an assist, probably should've had another from that lovely back heel that put Britt through on goal.

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Just now, wilsoncgp said:

When did anyone say trying and failing to do something was a good thing? It's simply not as black and white as 'tried but not succeed' means unmitigated failure. We didn't just try to make signings, we tried to make signings on our own much lower terms. We went for players hoping, not expecting, but hoping that we could do a deal. Kind of how negotiations work. Each side has their valuations and you go from there. Negotiations come to an end when two parties don't agree. Not agreeing to pay what the other party wants isn't a failure in and of itself. It's reflective of our longer term failures of poor spending and no longer having the money to spend, for sure. But operating within our means this summer isn't a failure. We've clearly chased quite a few different players who we feel improves the squad at a good value. Our inflexibility to negotiate is not a short-term failure.

That and the 'get the business done earlier' stuff. Well we've quite a lot of this window with very little ability to justify even bits and bobs of spending. Braithwaite only left for good 2 weeks ago and it's clear he was holding us back quite a lot. It's not like we've had 3 months to do things freely, we've been held back for a good deal of that.

Just saying, if someone wants to say we're failing as a result of the last 2-3 years and dreadful recruitment and overspending on rubbish players, I'm right behind that and couldn't agree more. But relative to the start of this summer, we've operated within our means and still got a few young players in who fit the bill of the kind of signing we said we want to make, whilst also involving players from our U23s and bringing them through. We've also kept hold of 2 of our strongest and most valuable assets undoubtedly as a result of some of the shifting we've done the opposite way. We've not got every player we want (God knows who has without money to spend) but the window itself as a whole is fine as is.

You said it as did Lurker and a few other people when you said it's a good thing that we didn't do this or that.  We tried to do this or that, we just failed.  Not getting signings done that you want to do is failure.  I'm not saying we should pay whatever anyone asks us to pay but you can't claim not making signings as a success and I'm sorry but that is exactly what a few of your are trying to now do.   So if you want to say that the players we've signed are great then do so.  If you want to say the players we've sold were all great sales then do so.  But please don't say at least we didn't pay for loan fees or overpay for transfers as though that makes a successful window because it doesn't.  The club wanted to add further players to the squad and they haven't and there is no way of making that a good thing.

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1 minute ago, Dan_Boro_Till_I_Die said:

@nunthorperedbut surley the ground work has been done and its a case of getting the medical and paper work done? 

No. Clubs move onto targets literally on the last day. Scouting has been done but deals can start on the day. Watford might tell them to do one

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    • The administrators must be worried about HMRC. They supposedly owe them £26m.
    • I presume the continued legal action is to ensure that 9-12 point deduction that they are due for breaching P&S is actually carried out. It's all gone quiet since they went in to administration.
    • Well they're currently on -2 points. Another 9 point deduction would make that -11, which is currently 18 points from safety. That would be a serious amount of ground to make up and would require 3 teams above them to have pretty horrendous seasons, in order to overhaul them. I'd rather see Mel Morris get taken for every penny he's got, or otherwise punished to the full extent of the law. Instead he's wringing his hands and saying he's "sorry" while the club that was under his stewardship could end up going to the wall, if the administrators can't find a suitable buyer.  
    • Does Gibson seriously holding a grudge for them outbidding us on Waghorn 😂
    • They haven't actually been punished for cheating yet, which is the whole point of principle for Gibson. They've had a self-inflicted 12 point deduction for administration. They're currently only 9 points from safety, that is far from insurmountable with most of the season left, and the pressure needs to be kept up to ensure they get the punishment they're due.

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