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Summer Transfer Window 2019/20 Season

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1 minute ago, Jamie-H said:

He'd be nice if we can get him he did just lose his squad number an hour ago I'd guess he ends up on loan in the Championship the question is will it be us?

Derby seem to be hunting the same position as us and have failed so far today I wouldn't be surprised if they're in for him.

He will have plenty of time to go on loan to Spain where I think he has previously played after the window here closes. 

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1 minute ago, Smoggydownsouth said:

Yeah think it's all done... not sure what's holding Shotton up

Great. Could you kick Neil Bausor and Adrian Bevington in the nuts for me x

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Just now, jamesp said:

Can we still get players on loan after today or is it just free transfers 

Just free’s till next window, leagues 1 and 2 can still loan till September but it’s now only outgoings for us once window shuts.

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