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1 minute ago, Changing Times said:

You could have just reported it to a steward, assuming it was during the game?

I could but there was no stewards near me and by the time I left the people involved had already gone

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7 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

Sadly, it won't ?‍♂️

I want to be more like you


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    • Honestly I don't think anyone will be surprised. Hell, we have a history of losing at Forest even with full strength teams. Its not a happy hunting ground for us.   Right now though, given the state of our squad, I think we just need to be happy if we can beat the teams around us.
    • Alan Nixon saying Randolph may have to be sold to raise funds in Jan. West Ham are among this said to be interested.
    • Yes we have noticed buddy. 🤣🤣 You deserved a medal for last season you were the strongest in the league. Held everyone else up all season.   😁
    • Gestede lent them to Britt stating "as long as he gives me them back soon"
    • Well I'm pleased with the result. From all accounts we missed a fair few sitters again. So it's not just Britt. However, it sounds like we played a decent game. Charlton are a competent side. Granted they have issues with injuries at the moment. But then again so do we. So to come out on top is a big lift. I am well happy that the youngsters took their chance. This is exactly what we want. Hungry, work hard lads who are going to give their all for the duration of the game. Good result. certainly one we needed and the table looks more palatable now. Hopefully we can keep it going. Well done Boro. Keep battling and we will get out of this mess.
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