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Boro V Blackburn (A) 0-1

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Hi very long time reader, and I usually love reading what people have got to say but do people really think we are relegation candidates if we don’t win our next match. I know it has not been the grea

Saturday 17th August 2019 - 3pm KO - Ewood Park Preview: Both sides come into this fixture following home league cup fixtures against lower league opposition - Blackburn oversaw a battling O

Ok far too many members have now been made aware that in the opinion of Riverside Dreamer moderating action by Boro_Unger was unfair and uncalled for and some members were siding with his views.

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Just now, wilsoncgp said:

Absolutely. But I would have thought if it was so obvious then at least one name would come to mind.

I don't pay much attention to that stuff as you well know.  I don't even know much about the players we've signed let alone players other clubs have signed.  Other people take far more interest in this stuff than I do hence my surprise that the players we have signed haven't made it straight into the side as I assumed they were bought to be in the side.  I certainly don't claim to have lots of knowledge about players all over the place.  I don't get paid to know that stuff.  Anyway,  Lewis has already posted one hasn't he so you can admit that you're talking *** now ?

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4 minutes ago, wilsoncgp said:

Absolutely. But I would have thought if it was so obvious then at least one name would come to mind.

Plus every signing is a gamble, foreign or not. For every Mahrez, there's an Ali Dia, or in Boro terms, for every Uwe Fuchs, there's a De Pena. 

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10 minutes ago, Ragnar said:

I've had enough people.....goodbye, but nice chatting to you again.

Oh, classic - I love good bye statements, cause just leaving isn't an option.. You have to make everyone aware of you leaving ?

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    • If that was the case, every keeper out there would just feign death and fall over whenever the ball was anywhere near their goal and every game would end 0-0 for all eternity.
    • Nice to hear Wilder was complimentary of Leo in saying he has really taken to him. I know people might say people should have a a job on merit and not emotion but with Leo it seems he here on both counts.   I guess its nice knowing there someone in the set up who genuinely has the same passion and love for the club we fans do. And that he appreciated by the new boss as much as he is by us fans.
    • Well let’s hope the weather favours those making the journey and the predicted blank of snow holds off.  I can remember my early days pumped up full of beer travelling around the country to games in the back of freezing vans. The worst I remember was a crammed Luton huddled together in the compartment above the cab trying to stay alive. The spilt beer and urine had turned to ice sending everyone flying every time it stopped, took off or cornered. The only stops allowed were for petrol, or a pub so containers a pipe and funnel were essential equipment.  Although I did hire a new Ford Granda in 1980 for a 1 - 1 cup night match at Portsmouth. Terry Cochrane scored, latter we became good friends, but it was a toxic atmosphere and lost my bother who took off while being threatened. Drove around town until we found him being chased down the street by a few hundred agitated morons. Picked him up on the move but someone cracked the windscreen. I remember leaving work at lunch, drove down and back after the game and in to work next day. BORO mad back then.  
    • I didn't see the problem with it personally, whatever the rules actually are, I feel like it should be a goal. It's not a foul as its a challenge by his own player. It's not a head injury so it doesn't need immediate attention. And you're gonna have a hard time convincing me he's not making the most of that just to stop play anyway. Admittedly, he probably doesn't realise himself who's actually stood on his foot but note that by the time the shot hits the back of the net, there only seems to be one player who realises he's down and is asking for play to be stopped... the man who stood on his foot to begin with.
    • excellent news    

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