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Boro V Millwall 1-1 (McNair)

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I’m worried that Woodgate is saying we need 5 players in Jan. he knew that in summer but Gibson still pulled the plug on a couple of loans. I’d imagine one or two in Jan max. 

I think Woodgate needs to be braver and stick with Djiksteel and Bola/Coulson and move Howson into the middle. Howson has played well at RB but we’re wasting or best midfielder playing him there. I know Djiksteel was injured yesterday but I still think he would have been on the bench if fit. 

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I don't think we are wasting our best midfielder playing him at right-back but then I didn't really see the Blackburn game, isn't that the only game he's played in midfield this season? I do like Howson as a midfielder but I think McNair and Wing are better options in the further up roles and I'm not sure about him as a holding midfielder.

I think we'd be wasting our best right-back so far by playing him in midfield when we've got enough other options in there. Think the competition should help Howson maintain his level of performance and allow Dijksteel to push him for the spot. It's just a shame we're out of the cup already but I still think Dijksteel will get his chance, it might just mean dropping Howson altogether for a rest. In those situations, Dijksteel needs to be ready to come in and stake his claim for the more permanent spot.

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    • Shame. Probably the best defender at the club. 
    • Not really interested in what, should or could have happened I’m just pleased for 3 points and to be sure of survival we still need a couple more from the last two games. I drove past our stadium yesterday afternoon and said to my son, can you smell it, of course he said it’s the river, but I was referring to the @@@@ managing the club and on the pitch.  Is that a stadium built for the third division I asked and sadly he replied, who really cares anymore. My thought were of course he is right and why would the next generation be busting a gut to get in and strengthen there lungs belting out songs of support and allegiance, just what have they done over the past few years to be proud off. The point I’m getting to is the failure and demise is not about what league the club chooses to be in, it is about the failure to engage the next generation of supports to ensure it’s survival. Why have a club if no one cares?     
    • Thanks John OP edited but surely it would be what Geordie guys say? Could be both depending on how the o is pronounced!
    • Isn't that what Geordie lasses call their boobs?
    • Johnson is a league one player. Apart from a few crosses into the box he’s nowhere near championship quality. If we are relegated then give him a new contract but most certainly not if we are in the championship. Signing league one players is one of the main reasons we are in this mess. 
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