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Detroit: become human

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Finished this last night ? Absolutely top game in my view. I enjoyed Heavy Rain, its predecessor, but felt heavy rain had a lot more pointless tasks to complete. There was still a bit of pointless tasks in Detroit: BH, like washing dishes and picking clothes up, but kept down to a minimum. 

Storyline was really good, with choices you make meaningfully impacting the final outcome to the tune of there being over 99 variations of the ending apparently - a youtube video with them all in is over 4 hours long. Many characters can die, and your relationship with them based on your choices will impact what sort of journey they will have gone on. 

I normally hate games that use QTE game mechanics but this wasn't too bad in that respect. Probably one of the better games that Sony has dished out on PSN in my opinion. Fair bit of replay value if you want to go back and change what happened no each level - each one has a process flowchart showing decisions you made, so you can load a level up to that point and then take a different path. Pretty cool. Graphics really good as well, mad comparing this game to the launch titles like Killzone. Not quite Horizon: Zero Dawn levels, but loads of great lighting and reflection effects. Pretty much the opposite of Heavy Rain which was a lot of dark scenes, this is quite often bright and futuristic. Well worth a play through if you downloaded it as part of the free games, if not its probably available on the cheap. 

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