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Post what you just had to eat.

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Restaurant, something you knocked up, crap paramo in a bun at the boro ground....whatever. 


Went to the Buck Inn in Sadberge last night. Mrs got sucked in by their instagram photos. Tried a mozzarella stick parmo as I was going o get them as a starter and decided to kill two birds with one stone. came looking like something a student had made. I know places will take good photos for instagram but plate and presentation of the entire meal was 100% different it was laughable! 

Wish I took a photo of it now, as I looked it up on Instagram as we left and the presentation was 100% different. Attached the insta photo, and then one that's been posted to their FB page and I'd say even that was generous. Anaemic chips, bland parmo (I know they're hardly a delicacy), and to cap it all off a wasp was harassing us so I had to trap the sod int he ketchup bowl, so he was raging at me throughout the meal. Service was slow AF. 

I should have read the warning signs when we pulled up and it said on the menu "Check out the George pub & grill in Stockton" and they share a website so probably not the best start given it had a 1* rating for ages and pretty much try and get in the news/unilad/ladbible all the time with shock tactics (punch your ex for a parmo, 3000cal meals etc). Checked Scores on the Doors and this place at least had a 5*. In terms of quality overall I would say 2/5, and thats feeling generous. 





Our friend:


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Lmao I know restaurants and fast food places have their dishes photographed and edited professionally but that's close to false advertising, like they cooked it like that once and then served the crap you got ever since.

Don't get me started on The George Pub & Grill, the place shouldn't be allowed to sell food. I've also read recently he's removed all diet drinks from draught? Way to alienate your customers with diabetes.

I've just had a Beef & Tomato Pot Noodle and a Pepperoni Dairylea Lunchables because i'm at work and also a big manchild, but last night I had a banging Chinese takeaway.

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1 hour ago, Denzel Zanzibar said:

That parmo looks garbage too, where's the rest of it?

Compare that to this one from Norton...





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Currently in Berlin so I had Polish sausage and to be fair it looked just like it did the photos ?

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