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Boro v Bristol City (A) 2-2 (Moore (og) Assombalonga)

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That one looks like it is 100% on fry. Bad defending again costs us both goals.

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Dijksteel had to get closer to his man there to stop the cross, shame I thought he was playing better this half

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    • D'oh! I meant £100,000,000 as a selling fee, but I forgot some of the zeroes. Mind you, I should be used to seeing lots of zeroes this season. Goals for, expected goals, marks out of ten...
    • I can't imagine Warnock behind the scenes. He's too steeped in the pitchside mentality and he loves training too much to put his feet up in a windowless office somewhere in the Riverside while someone else gets to shout at the defence. He'd end up telling the manager/coach they were crap (which they probably would be, knowing our recruitment) and then either him or the manager would have to leave 'by mutual consent'. Then all the long-term strategies we'd put in place would be tossed up in the air, and we'd have to start completely afresh. Actually, that sounds familiar... 
    • i assume you mean 100k a week cause Sancho is definitely worth more than £100,000 as a sale price 😛
    • The same world in which Jadon Sancho is worth over £100,000,000 and the same world which pays Mesut Ozil £270,000 a week to not give a rat's ass about Arsenal. A very, very wrong world.
    • A little bit of walking around money @Brunners 😀
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