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Know he hasn't played yet this season, but Fry ticks a few boxes, reasonable passer, can cross a ball, has a few defensive qualities...willing to tackle and carry ball out of defence.....good in the air....provides assists......doesn't score often though, but has come close a few  times.....would be interesting,................. like this thread.......light hearted, but thought-provoking

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    • Does anyone know if there is anywhere i can listen to the match tonight. I am currently on holiday in the Lake District and cant get BBC TEES.  
    • Time to find a bar in Albufeira showing the game so I can stop lub-hopping for a few hours! UP THE BORO
    • Come on boys *** it I’ll say I believe in you tonight utfb ❤️❤️❤️
    • The biggest failure post-relegation is spending transfer sums on getting back up with a manager who'd never been promoted. If we look back with retrospective eyes, Pulis should never have been forced to come in when he did. If we'd had someone as capable of Jokanovic and had given them £50m to spend, we could have been alright. I don't recall there being many of that ilk around and we wanted to go with the young prospective coaches with some experience, for sure. But we could have done that whole summer differently and change the fortunes since. I mean the context of the situation is important, the club wanted to send a message that summer and spending the money we did was the best way it knew to send that message. But the wrong man had control of it, it was a huge risk to blow all that money on fees and wages and the project was poor conceptually. I suspect Gibson knows he got Monk wrong and that's why he's tried to drag his name through the mud since. Even having said all that though, we know as a result that the club is not run particularly well. We know it all the sooner for not having had a successful manager during that time. It was only going to take one significant risk going wrong for the curtain to fall and maybe it is better for the long-term stability of the club that most of us (on here at least) see it for what it is at the top.
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