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Graham Davies

Harry Woof and Val Robertson

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Just to let long-time supporters of the 'Borough know that one of the teams' most dedicated supporters  passed away on Monday. Val Robertson (ne James) was born on Teesside, but spent most of her life in Forfar in Scotland. She never let a Saturday go by without checking on the state of play-rejoicing in a win and blaming the manager-never the players-when they lost! She was a direct descendant of 'Harry' (George Henry) Woof who was a Director of the Club in the 1920's. Her coffin will sport a Middlesbrough scarf as she would have wished.



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    • Same team, we've got to hope that they've practiced defending balls in to the box, and hope Assombalonga plays as well as he did against QPR. Wing has been poor all season, but Saville is his only real competitor and has been even worse.
    • That's a joke, right? Like, the joke being that someone had to submit an application form at all, not that it wasn't done. Jen was at the meeting, what more intent or knowledge could you gain from an application form? So some jobsworth at the club can look us over and decide if we're worthy?
    • They make it up as they go along, mate.
    • Ok thanks for that I didn’t know it was practically a done deal 👍
    • It's mostly already decided unless Wales lose to Hungary. "If Wales beat Hungary, Ireland will travel Slovakia for a semi-final, leaving Northern Ireland to go to Bosnia. If Wales draw with Hungary and Slovakia beat Azerbaijan, then Ireland will have to go to Cardiff to takes on Wales, while Bosnia will still host Northern Ireland." If Wales lose to Hungary, then one of Wales, Northern Ireland or Slovakia move to the Group A play-off draw. I presume the other play-offs are done differently if there is a draw.   I read that if Scotland win their play-offs, they're in England's group at the Euros, which would be interesting to say the least.
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