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Boro v Cardiff City A 0-1

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I get all that and I agree things will take time, I’m not talking about the future though I’m talking about the now and I get the impression that we should just accept any performances because we try to attack more and it’s not pulis.

Sorry but if I see a bad performance I’m gonna say so, it wasn’t like we lost to the better team or squandered chances, we were just poor. I’m not saying woodgate should be sacked, I’m not saying he’s a failure, this thread is about the Cardiff game and in that game we were ***.

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I don't think anyone thinks the performance was good. I'm just not putting much stock into a game I expected us to lose for the reasons we lost it. The best I can say is we tried to do something different to how we played against Millwall, the last time we played a team like this. Between the two games, I think yesterday's loss of points was more down to individual performances than the tactical battle which is a positive for the tactics as much as it's a negative for some of the individuals in the team. Maybe next time, if we pick the right players, we'll get something more out of the game. It's early days, we can be forgiven right now for thinking we have room to experiment and not be too worried whether it goes right or wrong. That's all part of the learning curve.

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I couldn't watch the game (sounds like I was lucky with that). Just watched the highlights and it looked like a fair result. We created one and half chance the entire game and thats just not good enough. Awful. Briliant header by Fletcher though ? 

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    • You're a *** idiot, please get banned again asap, thanks
    • People criticise Gibson constantly, and it's only got louder in the past few seasons. Not sure where this idea that he never gets criticism is coming from, you go on any Boro forum and a sizeable chunk of posters will be laying in to him or wishing for a foreign billionaire.
    • Its no more deadly than the flu. You are brainwashed buddy! No more deaths than usual according to the real world stats (Not doctored). How do you like those apples? 
    • No and its not healthy. I've seen posts on fmttm today with people saying they'll back Gibson even if he takes us down. That's fair enough but how long does this unconditional support continue?  I think some would let him take us down to non league and still chant his name in the ground.  I think people look at clubs like Sunderland and Coventry and worry that we could end up like that. They never mention clubs like Leicester and Wolves who have been similar sized clubs to us for the last 30-40 years.  It was always seen as sacrilege to criticise Gibson and it would have been madness to even think about him leaving, but I think he's gone stale now. I think if the club wants to be a club competing at the top end of this division again we either need a new owner or he takes a back seat and leaves the strategic running of the club to someone else.  Gibson is probably the best thing to ever happen to this club, the journey from 86-06 was incredible but things have gone completely stale. It feels like we need new ideas at the club now. 
    • Please put everyone right then Mr Noitall with your wealth of knowledge 😉
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