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Feed Back on Prediction League.

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Well the feed back I am getting from various prediction posters today is that most are happy with the way things are.

Which is good for me if I am honest.

My only problem was I could see the no shows beginning to rise and it was mostly on the week day games which was the main reason why I was inquiring about splitting up the league back into 2 as it was last year.

But that would create a fair bit more work for me to sort it out and like I said I was happy really with the league we have.

Anyways bottom line is things stay the way they were that includes weekday games. I will try and post in blocks of threes anymore may start to congest the board and could possibly create more problems.

At the beginning of the months I will post the dates and k/off times for that month were you will have to get your predictions in . Before you ask the reason why there are various leagues and not just the Championship,  it is because of International breaks.  We cannot afford to be without games because we need to get all the fixtures played by the end of the season. So I will pick games from the lower leagues and the National League when ever possible. So get your thinking caps on.

Round 9 on the 2nd/3rd has been put back to Oct: 5th apologies to those that have posted you will have to post again for Sat: because they are different games.

Round 9   Sat: Oct: 5th k/off    3pm....Championship

Round 10 Tues: Oct: 8th k/off 19.45..National League

Round 11 Sat: Oct: 12th k/off  3pm....League One.

Round 12 Sat: Oct: 19th k/off  3pm....Championship

Round 13 Tue: Oct: 22nd k/off 19.45..Championship

Round 14 Sat: Oct: 26th  k/off  3pm...Championship/L1

Lets try and meet those deadlines please.





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Fair play MM. I love the predictions league and am happy to go along with whatever you decide. Keep up the good work mate ?

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