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Boro V Preston North End 1-1 (Fisher OG)

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No rest for the wicked as they say as the marathon of the Championship season continues along it's merry way giving teams very little time to recover and reflect upon their previous performances (well it seems that way for Boro supporters).

Tuesday 1st October 2019 MFC welcomes Preston North End to the Riverside for yet another battle of team spirits, skills and Managerial ethos with a kick off of 1945hrs (7.45pm for those who prefer).


As it stands at this moment Boro are in 18th spot in the division and our visitors are in 5th spot and are on a current run of 4 wins and 2 draws in their last 6 games whereas we have won 2 drawn 2 and lost 2 so on paper we will be playing one of the "better" teams of the division and a team that can score plenty of goals but can conceded goals as well. Last game was a 3-3 home draw to Bristol City  but I would imagine PNE fans must be pretty pleased with how things stand so far.

As for Boro and all of us who follow, support or just interested in how we are doing it is not a good time at the moment and having been thrashed at home by Sheffield Wednesday 1-4 with possibly the worst performance under Jonathon Woodgate's leadership  so far this game does not bode well in terms of allowing us some respite and playing good football.

Home Support

Will those in attendance get fully behind the team and roar them on to victory or will the mass exodus seen on Saturday see many fans decide to use the red button facility on Sky and watch the game from the comfort of their homes?

We do need good home support and the players need that but we also need to see far better than what we have watched of late.

What will/should JW do?

A real dilemma for Woody and all the support staff because attention is now on them and honeymoon periods are over.

Does he make wholesale changes in both defence and attack, where should the priorities be to ensure that we simply do not lose again at home for the second game in four days? And how sad that is when the goal could be to ensure we are not beaten again.

What is your team? I ask because no-one has a clue anymore and what formations will work best?

Injury News

Not aware of any knocks been reported after the SW game but Friend, Coulson, Gestedde still not available, though the sooner we see Coulson back the better.

Other games of interest 

Jen made a point in her last match day thread about one step forward and two steps back and because of this and where we are instead of looking up and trying to gain points on possible top 6 spots we now have to look down and hope those teams below us do not catch up with us and those below us do have home games coming up at the same time.

Wigan V Brum

Reading V Fulham

Stoke V Huddersfield

Barnsley V Derby (Wed) Barnsley playing today so a 1 point difference might be in place

Brentford V Bristol City (Wed).

With at least 3 teams only one point behind us the midweek fixtures for all are important in terms of results wise.

A view from Downsouth  

I really do apologise to everyone because reading back through the contents everything is so negative and I am trying to be positive.

However the truth hurts and we are in a real mess at the moment and if those in whom we trust do not get their act together then we are in real trouble and are heading towards a relegation battle and I am afraid that our displays and points tally does show that we are already in that battle.

The game on Tuesday will show the mettle of our players and all the support staff because if we show the same as Saturday and crash out at home again then where will the shoots of recovery be witnessed.

To all going very well done your support is crucial and needed I hope you are rewarded for your time. 


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I think Browne has had a good game

Well Teddy's happy that the Boro are being shown on the box but I wonder what his reasons are? Staying up late on a school night for a 6 year old is appealing or simply because he gets the watch

I think after the Blackburn game he has REALLY taken Mowbrays comments to heart about having to play ugly to win sometimes. He even has said himself since (although I can't find the quote right now) t

Posted Images

Would be nice to say "give this player a go" but to be honest he can't really change things too much given our squad. The back three was horrible so I don't want that experiment again. 

I'd go Howson for Clayton, Ayala for Shotton. I'd love to change the front 3 but we haven't got the options and not sure Browne is ready.


Djiksteel  Ayala  Fry  Bola

   Mcnair Howson Wing

Johnson               Fletcher


Not confident at all. While there's an arguement for keeping Shotton in (even though I still think hes been bad) for me we should be bedding in players looking to next season. This means keeping faith with Djiksteel/Bola and Fry despite some poor performances from the latter two. 

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I think your OP pretty much summed up the feelings of most Boro fans at the moment DS. There is not a lot to be positive about. It is only hope that keeps us going.

Hope Woodgate can get the formation and tactics right.

Hope the players will dig themselves out of the rut that they are in.

Hope the team turn up and get a result.

We badly need a win for the sake of points on the board and confidence. So I am HOPING for a 2-1 win.

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Preston are a better team than Wednesday so I'm expecting a very rocky evening.

I'm happy for Woodgate to have time and be given a chance, considering the clubs financial situation, but I am sick of seeing him be tactically outsmarted and think he needs to be little more canny about how he goes about things.

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Not confident in the slightest about this game, but then I wasn't about Bristol City game either and that turned out alright.

Preston are churning away under a decent manager and are bound to be full of confidence, it's going to be tough.

I imagine the seating around me will be very sparsely filled.

I'm hoping for Howson to come on in place of Clayton, maybe drop Fletcher for Browne or Tavernier. I don't think there's many other changes I'd make though.

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Bola has a torrid time on Saturday so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Shotton play at left back but I think that would probably knock the last bit of confidence from Bola so would like to see him keep his place with cover from MF when needed 

Howson in for Wing. Thought Browne did well on Saturday but has been poor when he’s started. The complete lack of depth in the squad is such a worry. 

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So .. Some of our players need to wake up and NOT feel, they can just take another day at the office, cause no one will take their spot.. So I would bench a hell lot of them and try to show them, that they have to fight for it! 

Dijksteel, Ayala, Fry, Shotton

Paddy, Howson, Tavernier

Johnson, Fletcher, Burrel 

Shake the tree and see who falls out .. 

I'd rather take a defeat with this team, than see Britt miss sitters and then grin .. He can come off the bench with the words DESERVE it or start out here next game as well! 

Rant over (steam let out)


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This is about as meh as it gets for me. Will watch the game but I expect a dreadful match. Seems like we’ve only had a decent half against Brentford and that’s about it this season. Very disappointing so far. 

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For me this has the same prelude as the Bristol City game when we were supposed to get stuffed. We played well in that game and I’m hoping for a similar performance against Preston 

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Well said Joe, we have to cling on to some hope later on today can we really perform so badly again at home within a few days.

PNE will hope so and to be honest if we get a point at this stage I will be ok with that

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