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Boro V Preston North End 1-1 (Fisher OG)

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I think Browne has had a good game

Well Teddy's happy that the Boro are being shown on the box but I wonder what his reasons are? Staying up late on a school night for a 6 year old is appealing or simply because he gets the watch

I think after the Blackburn game he has REALLY taken Mowbrays comments to heart about having to play ugly to win sometimes. He even has said himself since (although I can't find the quote right now) t

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2 minutes ago, Borodane said:

Just get Browne off. Man he is an annoying player. He spends more time appealing for free kicks than he does playing football. 

IMO he's been one of the best players on the pitch man, not really his fault he keeps getting hacked down.

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    • This isn't biscuit related! Booooooo!
    • I've seen/heard a lot of chatter that Derby are potentially up the creek without a paddle. Apparently they are actually in debt by a fair bit, annoyingly they still haven't released their accounts for the year ending June 19 so we don't have a definite figure for last year. But looking at the accounts ending June 18, it looks like they owed around £25m to various creditors, apparently that figure has at least doubled (if not trebled) in two years. Plus they've sold the stadium to themselves and mortgaged their training ground in recent years. So it's no surprise there isn't a queue of potential buyers, as they'd effectively have to buy the club, potentially pay off the large debt (including the mortgage on the training ground) and buy the stadium back. All this with the backdrop of a potential points deduction (most likely next season), due to their bizzare accounting method around amortisation on players.
    • Congrats to Leicester on winning the FA, nice to see a first time winner for a change too. Would like to see them continue to build upon this and their PL win too, which they definitely seem on course to do.  Very clever in the transfer market, good youth academy and they've recently finished a brand new training complex (which looks immense).
    • My nana always had a tin of these, the empty tin makes a great drum as well.

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