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Boro V Preston North End 1-1 (Fisher OG)

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2 minutes ago, Brunners said:

IMO he's been one of the best players on the pitch man, not really his fault he keeps getting hacked down.

He’s had some decent spells but I just find him a very frustrating player with very little end product. 

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Watch the ref give Preston a soft penalty. These refs are just guessing now. 

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    • I’m fairly sure Gibson won’t be paid peanuts either but I meant more along the lines of it being a signing made behind the managers back.    I’d take Gibson back for sure, he’ll be great if he can get the form back from 2 years ago. It just feels like a signing that would take up a lot of funds and restrict other signings that the manager himself may want. im also sceptical of all the talk that the deal won’t break the bank...I mean, surely he’s not going to come here for nothing?
    • From what I have been told from the Burnley side this is still going ahead the reason its not been sorted as yet is the interest in Fry is genuine but the difference in valuation between the clubs is way off.  Wages are not the first point of thought but playing football is, thought it would be done now personally.  The deal will cost around 1.7m with outstanding payments from Burnley against the player remaining and as far as wages are concerned let's leave that to Mr Gibson to sort 🙂
    • Completely agree with that, as much as I don't think he's one of the best in the league currently he still has every chance to become one of them and be ready for the prem
    • Stewy was the wrong side of 30 when we signed him.
    • I'd swap Gibson for Fry in an instant.. but he'd be mad to go there. Must be something to it though or the story wouldn't even be out there.
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