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Boro V Preston North End 1-1 (Fisher OG)

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1 minute ago, Ayeres said:

This ref is *** atrocious..

The home crowd agree with you

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2 minutes ago, Brunners said:

IMO he's been one of the best players on the pitch man, not really his fault he keeps getting hacked down.

He’s had some decent spells but I just find him a very frustrating player with very little end product. 

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Watch the ref give Preston a soft penalty. These refs are just guessing now. 

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    • We were supposed to be paying 6 million for Norwich's captain and player of the season who was in his last 12 months... He sat down the whole Man city team with a weaving run and buried the finish! We have not seen him replicate anywhere near that form at any point since he joined he's had steady runs in midfield where he pings a few passes and presses around but Ritchie Smallwood could have done that for us he's one of the biggest disappointments of the past 3 years the conversion to RB bought him sympathy and appreciation for doing a job but we signed an attack minded central midfielder who could whip a set piece and we have ended up with an aged Adam Forshaw 'doing a job'.
    • I certainly categorise him as a huge disappointment. When we signed him he was coming with the reputation of being one of the best midfielders in the league - he had 3 full seasons in the Premier league as a regular starter, had a good goalscoring record at this level and was very well regarded by both Leeds and Norwich fans.  But he's been bang average for us. Decent at times, certainly not our worst player but also never excelled like he did in previous teams. There are caveats - the quality of players around him, the managerial instability and quality etc. But it still doesn't distract from the fact that he's played below his ability for pretty much the entire time he's been here.  However, he has shown that ability before on a long term, consistent basis which is why I'm happier to give him another chance under Warnock next season ahead of the likes of saville, mcnair and wing - despite the fact that he is 32 now. 
    • im sure he will be looked as hes pretty much our only winger atm, also he performed great again back at oxford. Also in Warnocks interview he talked about one of the main things he enjoys is making improving players, so i recon browne will fit in that description.  
    • Yeah, I've been wondering that myself.  All I can think is that people are making allowances for him not being a defender and as such are then convincing themselves that his displays at the back have been better than they are and therefore that he is better than he is.
    • Howson could see everything in front of him as he was the last man.  He was just ball watching and we got done because of it.  Then people on this forum criticised our *** defence for the goal.
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