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Boro v Birmingham City (A) 1-2 (Ayala)

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This is absolutely witless. If Woody has a plan/vision for how we should be playing, it's not being passed onto the players. There doesn't appear to be a formation, and our tactic seems to be to hoof the ball 60 yards to the Birmingham defenders. We look like we play a league below Birmingham, and they're in poor form themselves.


This is being beamed live to the world. What an embarrassment. Closer to home, I wonder if Gibson is comfortable with what he's seeing?

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    • Gazette seem to be suggesting club and JW want him to stay given his influence around the place. I should have added the above post was not my own prediction of who will stay or go but more what Gazette are seemingly suggesting. 
    • The police struggle with their duties during a short spike in crime on a regular day. That, along with the government's long desire to portray the changing face of crime and how we increasingly need to change to fight more digital crime, is going to be a factor in how many coppers we have on the streets to enforce these things. The government has now been forced to accept that enforcement may be needed to keep people indoors, which goes drastically against their ideal distribution of officers. Going significantly against their ideal setup is becoming quite a theme during this pandemic. As I said earlier, this doesn't mean higher levels of lockdown are on the way, what it may mean is that higher levels of enforcement will be dispatched in order to enforce the current lockdown procedures.
    • Why would we want Friend to stay, He was a brilliant player, now he cannot play three games on the spin. 
    • Just catching up on some Gazette articles and it seems picture with the out of contract players is become a bit clearer if Gazette are to be believed Set to stay: Howson & Friend Club want to stay: Ayala Set to leave: Shotton Clayton Johnson & Rudy I think Ayala staying really is 50/50 at moment.
    • 100% agree @Denzel Zanzibar. I was gutted he went. Whether he would have made the starting 11 is one thing but definitly had plenty to offer. What hurt me more is that it was Ray Parlour we bought to seemingly replace him.
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