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Boro v Birmingham City (A) 1-2 (Ayala)

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Gestede done more in 10 seconds than full game from Britt. He has been truly awful. 

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Just now, TheHolgate said:

Can we sell Assombalonga now please?

Need more than just this, 23-4 attempts from a side who have lost 3 on the bounce!!!

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    • Loose against Barnsley and Woody should fall on his sword, or someone should help him do so. It’s atrocious to think under his reins he has lowed expectations to a point we have little confidence of beating teams scrapping the bottom. I have listened and read what Woody had to say about lost and drawn games, and more intently to try and understand his vision, and conclude, I honestly don’t believe Woody realizes how poor he is, so how the @@@@ can he learn anything. 
    • But he beat the team that’s currently top of the league, so what does that say about his ability as manager?
    • If Woodgate fails to beat any one of the bottom three teams that's a damning statement on his ability as manager. 
    • But RB Leipzigs shirts sponsor is red bull. 
    • 1. Yes, boro_unger is awesome! (Am I allowed to answer that one?!) 2. Whoever doesn't go to watch the Boro game beforehand.  3. Where there's a Will, there's a way! 4. I guess it's equimportant to both teams.  We can't let Voldemort beat us though!   How long till Roberts is back? we miss him desperately
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