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Boro v Birmingham City (A) 1-2 (Ayala)

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5 minutes ago, RiseAgainst said:

This is absolutely witless. If Woody has a plan/vision for how we should be playing, it's not being passed onto the players. There doesn't appear to be a formation, and our tactic seems to be to hoof the ball 60 yards to the Birmingham defenders. We look like we play a league below Birmingham, and they're in poor form themselves.


This is being beamed live to the world. What an embarrassment. Closer to home, I wonder if Gibson is comfortable with what he's seeing?

I mean kind of been that all season even vs Luton it was us punishing their errors or pressing our in possession shape and 'style' has been borderline pub team all season people remember the disallowed goals and the 20 min spell vs Bristol they forget Cardiff dominating us on the ball and Blackburn bullying us all over. On the evidence of 2 months nothing's changing on the pitch if anything we're worse now.

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Britt with an assist but so glad we are doing what do many other teams normally do to boro. Like it's normally Boro who dominate then miss all the chances yet concede the one chance the opposition have 

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For the first time, I'm not celebrating a goal because it's just glossed over everything that's wrong with the club at the moment.

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