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Middlesbrough v WBA 0-1

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Well its still early enough to turn things around...but they have to start turning pretty soon. If we're 22 games into the season and still in a similar predicament, then its gonna be a relegation scrap the rest of the way. So, for me, Boro have got another 10 games to start showing some improvement...with the results to match.

Couldn't catch the WBA game, but by all accounts it was one of our better performances. Created some good chances in the first half...on another day could have scored 2. Another couple of good chances in the 2nd half. Even though WBA dominated possession and created chances of their own.

Fairly typical though that after all that, we'd concede a scrappy late goal, when a draw probably would've been a fair result.¬†ūüė쬆


The million-dollar question though is, are we finally witnessing Boro becoming a cohesive and effective team, or was it just playing at home against the league leaders that perked the lads up? Only time will tell...


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We were at least competitive on Saturday, certainly in the first half anyway, so I suppose that's something.  Losing is still losing though, it really doesn't matter by how much or who it's against if you're struggling to beat anyone.

When people talk about squad balance, just look at that team¬†- three central defenders, a left winger at left wing back, five central midfielders (one at right wing back and one theoretically playing close to Assombalonga) and then one striker.¬† I'd still love to have a conversion with people at the club, people still at the club I should say, who thought it wise to hoard central midfielders at the expense of other positions, as if we believed¬†they were going to go¬†extinct and we'd have cornered the market on them¬†ūüėē

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    • Effort to me is going in where it hurts and making sure you are prepared to win 50/50 balls, when a QPR player is surrounded by 3 Boro players and manages to come away with the ball it¬†doesn't sit well with¬†me. Not just talking about the¬†QPR game but I've lost count of the amount of times I've¬†shouted, how the *** have they come away with the ball surrounded by¬†Boro players.¬†I've criticized Adam Clayton in the past because of his negative play but if you want someone who's prepared to get hurt to win the ball then¬†he's the man, he'll battle,¬†I¬†don't¬†see it with these other players. Nobody's convincing me that Wigan and Luton have better squads than us but they're prepared to ¬†battle for points,¬†our players¬†aren't in my opinion. ¬†
    • We'll probably get done for inaccurate reporting on attendances.¬†
    • Good idea, Joe...but I would need Lindi St. Clair to get this lot into line.....and I think some of them would even¬†be beyond her ...erm...skills...¬†
    • Sounds like Chris Hughton is also a strong possibility. Whoever it is, I hope they take over after Saturday.
    • We will be promoted based on your calculations OC. Maybe you should be our manager ūü§™
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