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January transfer window 19/20 season Post Mortem

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Sorry I just needed to see kids as off to London tomorrow until saturday.   Randolph - West Ham tried to renegotiate with us and wanted a loa  as they couldn't be sure with injury... woody s

@Lurker, @diggerlad07 @Smoggydownsouth and all the other ITK posters. Thank you for all the ITK info you guys share. Think i speak for everyone when i say it is much appreciated. Without it the l

Roberts is done. As someone has said, Ayala is on £25k a week. Don’t know what he’s been offered but I can’t believe it would be £5k. Randolph is gone, assume it’s West Ham.    5 more

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noticeable that Saville's poorer games are often when Johnson is in team...spends more time trying to bail him out than winning the ball and pushing forward...then gets hammered for the mistake he is trying to put right....did well in the aggro at the end though..looked like he was trying to keep the Birmingham guy from losing it altogether 

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Saville wasn't great yesterday but not many were. He has absolutely been much better in the recent run, though, he actually started to stand out a bit which is some progress from where I've felt he's been at for pretty much the entirety of the previous year and a bit of his Boro career. Glad to see it!

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1 minute ago, LinoJo3 said:

Think it’s clearly mcnair that guy is talking about, would be disappointed to see him leave tbh.

If he does go does that mean we need 3 defenders with at least 2 being centre backs? That's a heck of a lot of transfers to see through. I guess we keep Shotton just to see us through to summer.

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Just now, SmogDane said:

Bamford for Britt straight swap.. No brainer for me. 

But would never happen

It honestly wouldn’t shock me if it did, I wouldn’t hate it but at the same time wouldn’t mind us looking at younger/cheaper options. Shankland up in Scotland for example.

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6 minutes ago, LinoJo3 said:

It honestly wouldn’t shock me if it did, I wouldn’t hate it but at the same time wouldn’t mind us looking at younger/cheaper options. Shankland up in Scotland for example.

I am not convinced they're even interested in Britt, this is purely agent talk to try to pressure clubs on other deals

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    • @SmogDane you don’t seem to have made a prediction for the Bristol city v Forest game 🤷‍♂️
    • A Bristol City v Nottingham Forest D Derby v Luton H QPR v Blackburn H Sheff Utd v Millwall A Stoke v Bournemouth H Fulham v Cardiff H Huddersfield v Birmingham H Hull v Peterborough H Middlesbrough v Barnsley H Preston v Coventry A Swansea v West Brom H Reading v Blackpool
    • It wasn't just a few minutes. I'm pretty sure he got more time than Bahamboula did on the pitch for us didn't he? That was someone who seemed to have the consensus of the fans that he was worth a go for the small fee we had to pay. Paterson didn't look influential, he didn't look fit, he was bang average. 
    • Given Warnock's apparent opinions on fitness and his performances in those friendlies, I'm not at all shocked that we didn't sign him and I'm still relatively glad we didn't. He's not setting the league alight every week just as his team isn't and really, whose place does he take in the team? Watmore? Tav? Hernandez? Jones? I'm not sure I'd swap any of those players with Paterson.  Sounds like he was influential today and scored a cracking goal? Good for him. But he's done that before we had the chance to sign him too, not sure why it would change many opinions on whether we should have brought him in. 
    • So any of those players could have been sat on our bench yesterday but instead we only named six subs, including the non-league player who hasn't looked ready for this level, who gets in for no other reason than Warnock signed him.  No wonder they called themselves Warnock's rejects.   It must be utterly deflating to play for this club unless you're one of the favoured ones.  One of the least professionally run football clubs in the country.

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