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January transfer window 19/20 season Post Mortem

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23 hours ago, BoroJake said:

Graeme Bailey saying we have an option to buy on Moukoudi 

SDS saying the opposite and I am more inclined to believe him. Makes you wonder who Bailey's source is at the club?

West Ham and Villa wanted him and one of the clubs offered 13 million pounds for him which was rejected by S-Etienne. We know it is a loan at this stage but these types of players are the ones we should be going in for and we should be optimistic we can attract such a player

I feel when we clear out in the summer with the big wages and FFP in line we can attract some serious talent.



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52 minutes ago, AnglianRed said:

Nothing of the sort.

No club is obliged to sell any player. I'm simply saying that what has transpired over the last couple of weeks makes no sense.

With hindsight, neither does Gibson's move to Burnley...


He was signed to replace left footer Ben Mee, but then that deal fell through. Burnley's have a fantastic injury record so there was just no way into the team. What is surprising though is that Gibson doesn't even make the bench. 

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