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Not worth it's own topic but Made me laugh.

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Looking at the BBC Live site, Wales V South Africa on the BBC and this popped up.


Get Involved

#bbcrugby or text us on 81111 (UK only)

Gerard Boyd: Like the French game its SA that seem to have a bit of edge to their game not Wales

SMS Message: If Tony Pulis did rugby, this is what it would look like. from Chris Moore

If Tony Pulis did rugby, this is what it would look like.

Chris Moore


Wasnt one of you lot was it??? ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£

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Didnt see the thread until after. Been looking at a way to delete it since.

Soooo sorry to have ruffled your feathers.

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    • A Barnsley¬† v¬† Q.P.R. D Brentford¬† v¬† Fulham. H Bristol Cty¬† v¬† Blackburn. H Derby¬† v¬† Millwall. H Leeds¬† v¬† Cardiff. H Nott For:¬† v¬† Sheff Wed: H P.N.E¬† v¬† Luton. H Stoke¬† v¬† Reading. H Swansea¬† v¬† Middlesbro: (Fletcher) H Wigan¬† v¬† Huddersfield.
    • Not to prolong the point for too long as last night exhausted me so much so that I want to frankly rid politics and politicians from the system for a couple of years, right now...¬†ūüėā but the proposed funding for the NHS doesn't stack up. Admittedly, contrary to what some on the left say, I'm pretty sure the Tories recently have been putting more in even in real terms and that's all well and good... but the NHS is becoming more expensive due to the ageing population without even considering the strain that the level of funding is putting on workers, especially with little to no financial reward from it. It's one of the best things about our country and for it to remain that way, we have to fund it more than we ever have. I'd frankly throw a lot of the nationalisation policies in the bin if it meant we just gave the NHS the money it needed to keep being great. If as I suspect, we do enter into a trade deal with the US with anything to do with health on the table, that number will rise even more. Tories are more likely to make tax cuts than ask for more tax to pay for anything so by that measure, the lowest rungs on the societal ladder of our country will fall off first. The NHS, mental health, social care, etc. there's not enough going in to solve these problems. Labour's spending plans were through the roof but the Tories are barely spending anything at all based on their plans. I was listening to Mark Francois on LBC the other week talking to a fella with a wife and 2 kids who looks after both his now disabled parents as a carer so their only income is his carer's allowance and his wife's job, ¬£14k for looking after children with special needs, something like ¬£18k overall? He asks Francois what the Tories will do for him and the best he can come up with is that over time, he'll be able to keep more of his money from tax. I sincerely worry for people like that who contribute so much in a very small,¬†localised circle getting little¬†support from this government. It genuinely makes me sad that people who can't do anything but put a brave face on every day and just get by get nothing in return for it.
    • I mean, I know it's pretty difficult to trust any politician, especially Johnson, but the NHS and improving it was like the first key point (after Brexit obviously) that he talked about, so fingers crossed he actually legitimately sticks to what he said in his speech, because I didn't disagree with any of it. Now I suppose we just have to wait and see..
    • We need to go with 2 strikers up top. If Britt is fit off course he comes back in but if not I‚Äôd give Walker a go alongside Fletcher. Look very weak leaving Fletcher up front isolated.¬†
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