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Denzel Zanzibar

Boro vs QPR (A) 2-2 (Assombalonga 2)

Are Boro going down?  

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  1. 1. Will Middlesbrough FC be relegated this season?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Yer mam

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Just what we deserved and it comes from Howson actually running with the ball, what a cross that is!

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Good cross from Howson actually buried by Britt, how did he not miss that!


Damn equaliser

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    • Who are the Gibson cheerleaders on this forum would you say? 🤔
    • Theres some very good points in here but the problem is because Gibson saved this club and gave us players like Ravenelli, Juninho and Emerson then gave us winning our first cup and getting to uefa cup final. He will think rightfully or wrongfully that this is his club to run how he pleases and the fans have had a good deal compared to what they had before he took over which is true. Theres alot of supporters who dont disagree with that they will sit through unconditionally in the stadium because of what Gibsons done in the past and never speak out against him.    I dont think Gibson by himself can fund premier league football anymore so I think thats now a pipe dream of us, I think he can do the championship with the right stable manager and recruitment team who will find decent players at a bargain and good tactics/coaching to get the most of the players.  The problem is getting someone like Woodgate in who doesn't know how to do that will alienate the crowd along with making bad recruitment decisions . You look at Mowbrays team and the players I think there was a appreciation that these weren't the best players in championship but they were solid and Mowbray usually got the best out of them and the crowd responded well to it.    Going back to the question of will fans turn against Gibson, I think some will but there wont be enough of them to make him leave because of the ones that argue hes made himself god of the club by bailing them out and giving them good times theyve never had before. 
    • We'll get a league 2 manager who is out of work because it will be another 'transition season'.  Just like this season was advertised by the club as being a 'transition season' (to league 1 - except those of us who mentioned the possibility early on were laughed at).  I've been saying for ages that Gibson is totally out of touch with the modern game.   However,  as long as we are in a higher position than when he took over, many fans will worship Gibbo. 
    • My worry is that he is about to take us back to exactly where he found us!
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