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Boro vs QPR (A) 2-2 (Assombalonga 2)

Are Boro going down?  

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  1. 1. Will Middlesbrough FC be relegated this season?

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not sure he meant that all fans who dont attend games are keyboard warriors and the real fans are only those who attend, but more the fans who only sit and write negative things on forums and social m

No matter the result today this is much more like it, we’ve competed, made chances and got goals. Yes it may not be perfect but we’ve played football for once.

Why would it be to spite keane? Surely randolph playing rubbishes all of the rumours from this week.

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Good post Denzel.

Unfortunately i see us losing but scoring. 2-1 to QPR.

In terms of team, based on latest injury update i would go with


Paddy Ayala Fry


Dijk Wing Howson Coulson



Subs: GK, Wood, Bola, Malley, Tav, Johnson, Brummel

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I fear an easy win for QPR, and I suspect Hugill will relish scoring against us. He's scored half as many goals this season as our entire team, probably because there are other QPR players in the same postcode as him.

As for Brexit vs biscuits, I'd love to forget the last three years ever happened (in politics and also in sport). I'll take a pack of milk chocolate Hobnobs, if anyone's offering.

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4 minutes ago, Borodane said:

Darren Randolph is in the Ireland squad for the game against Denmark. Surely he must be back at the weekend then?

He is being given every chance of making the Denmark game BD. He is not expected to play against New Zealand four days earlier but Randolph is hopeful himself that he can be available for the qualifier 

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Going down for this game (not too sure why) and expectations are certainly lowest in a long time, especially on recent visits to the Capital. 

I'm going for a 1-1 result with both Britt and Hugill scoring - Yes I said Britt! Not sure if this will be seen as a decent result or a poor one... Guess it will depend more on the Hull & Barnsley home games to make that conclusion. 

Starting line up will be whoever is not injured now, but I am on the side of pushing some more youth lads in the squad hoping these will show more fight and a willingness to win the game. Loftus road is struggling for a decent attendance lately, so with a loud following from Boro, and something/anything to shout about, we should at least be able to make it a fight. 

If not, that extended 3hr 40 minute train ride home will certainly be a depressing one! 



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    • 1. Was it Malley that was highly rated a year or two ago? If it was I'd give him a go alongside Howson. I'd also give Coulson a run a leftback, we know what Bola is all about, and under JW Coulson seemed to be on an upward trajectory. If he puts in 5 good performances maybe we can keep him as cover for Bola and not worry about needing to sign leftback cover in the summer. Archer Fisher, Hall, McNair ,Coulson Howson, Malley Kebano, Watmore, Bolasie Akpom 1a. No idea, pesky Romans. 2. Negredo purely because at the time he seemed the perfect striker for Aitor's system (that he used during the promotion season). Valdes is worth a shout just because of his previous experience in the game and what he had won. 3. Who knows, but if we finish lower than 9th next season, that would be pretty bad.
    • Amber list countries then, if he has to quarantine. 
    • Thats exactly what it is, if you are negotiating with someone you need to be in a strong enough position to walk away and move onto an alternative.  I think this proposal is just that at the moment, these big European clubs will be prepared to start this alternative format if they can get away with it but I think the ultimate goal is to have more power and control within the current structure. And obviously more share of the financial pie as well.  They are acting like a cartel and its up to the governing bodies and other clubs to make sure they don't get away with it.  I made a point yesterday that this isn't a sudden thing, this balance of power has been gradually tipping since the Billionaires started getting involved with clubs in 2003. Wouldnt it be brilliant if other clubs declared all out war on these big super clubs?  I'd love to see the other 86 clubs in the football league threaten to break away from the current system. Start things up again and have a new league without the big 6, if they want to apply to join they'll have to start at the bottom of the pyramid and I mean the very bottom.  Let's rid football of FIFA and have a new, open and transparent organisation that gets rid of the corrupt scumbags there now. Have fan owned clubs like they have in Germany to prevent things like this happening in the future and have a domestic scene similar to Germany with realistic ticket prices and sensible kickoff times.  Part of me hopes this super league happens because that might be the catalyst for the bubble to burst and return the game to the fans.  Even if it means clubs having to start from scratch again.  I don't want a global super league where clubs are franchised from Liverpool to Singapore and I don't think fans in our country want that either. I think Liverpool fans for example would rather get behind a new team at an amateur level and watch them climb through the leagues again. It would be like a version of AFC Wimbledon but on a much larger scale. If it was a choice as well I think I'd rather the Boro went to the wall than be sucked into this new version of football. 
    • Completely see your point, but I don't think that's true. The reputational damage these clubs have suffered will endure for years. Share prices might have jumped yesterday on the back of overseas stock market traders who regard football clubs as nothing more than tradeable commodities, but these clubs will be viewed with suspicion in future by many players and managers. They might struggle to attract the same levels of attendance/merch sales/marquee signings in the coming years as clubs untainted by this scandal like Bayern, PSG, et al. I'm not suggesting Burnley or the Skunks will do well out of this, but my best friend has been a Man City fan for a quarter of a century and now wants nothing to do with them. That's not just him lost to them, but me (as his matchday companion), any kids he has, etc. These things take time to percolate through, but in the long term, I doubt the 'big six' PL clubs are going to win whatever happens.
    • Haha fair point guys, apologies for some reason I thought it was today.

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