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Boro vs QPR (A) 2-2 (Assombalonga 2)

Are Boro going down?  

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  1. 1. Will Middlesbrough FC be relegated this season?

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3 hours ago, AnglianRed said:

Yeah - I wasn't that impressed with it either.

He really does excel at looking at the quirky or downright ludicrous aspects of life...and those pranks! The one with the jigsaws I think is one of my favourites.

I won't knock him for trying something different...I think the problem is that he's trying his hand at something lots of other people already do, so it doesn't seem very original or interesting.

My favourite prank of his is the one with the Toot Toot Drivers toys, where his wife found out and turned the prank back round on him.

Or the impossible to complete picture clue game he created to wind up one of his annoying friends.

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    • Didn't realise Hummel were a Danish firm (BoroDane & SmogDane must be proud). 😉 Out of the designs on show I think I'd like a red & white version of the Cambridge Utd strip. I do like the shoulder chevrons and dual stripes down the front (obviously red & white, instead of yellow / gold & black).  
    • Is Pukki actually that good a signing for a PL club...? Norwich often bench him now and he's already 30. Hasn't scored in ages. I reckon he might stay with them tbh. 
    • I peel off my sponsor logo each year. After a couple of washes you can’t tell it’s been on there. Much better 
    • Apologies, I was skimming, didn't read anything properly..
    • Well, he's not worth 10 now, that's a possible price a Premier League team might gamble on him becoming worth that in a couple of years.  So, we take, say twice his value now or take a chance that he has a good season, that he develops under our excellent coaching, as so many young players have in recent years and gone on to become Premier League stars, and hold on to him to sell at 20M. Meanwhile, we still need 2CBs, LB, LW, possibly a CDM and a CF. 10M now, in cash, plus a sell on, is of far more worth than a hypothetical 20M in a year.  I'd have much preferred the money for Fry we were talking about last time we had this conversation (and invested properly into the team) than his plateauing performance and development over the past 12 months.
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