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Boro vs QPR (A) 2-2 (Assombalonga 2)

Are Boro going down?  

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  1. 1. Will Middlesbrough FC be relegated this season?

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3 hours ago, AnglianRed said:

Yeah - I wasn't that impressed with it either.

He really does excel at looking at the quirky or downright ludicrous aspects of life...and those pranks! The one with the jigsaws I think is one of my favourites.

I won't knock him for trying something different...I think the problem is that he's trying his hand at something lots of other people already do, so it doesn't seem very original or interesting.

My favourite prank of his is the one with the Toot Toot Drivers toys, where his wife found out and turned the prank back round on him.

Or the impossible to complete picture clue game he created to wind up one of his annoying friends.

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    • So its okay to spend a million quid on something completely non essential and ego driven in the middle of a global pandemic leading to a global economic crisis? And then call it dumb to criticise it?  To be honest I could spend all day listing the ways in which this government (which has been picked by boris on the basis of brexit support rather than any form of competence) has failed its people, but i learned a long time ago that facts mean nothing to people when it comes to this stuff, its all tribal.  For the record, I do not support Labour, or any British party. Id like us the hell out of the "Union". But thats a whole other topic that I'm really not getting into on a boro forum!
    • It is hugely worrying. The only glimmer of light is that all sports have been suffering due the lack of crowds...football, rugby and cricket most notably. They've all been sending representatives to speak with Oliver Dowden (Culture Secretary) to highlight the seriousness of the situation. They are all now saying they can't survive much more of this. We can only hope this leads to some action.  
    • They won't. That's the simple answer. None league clubs will go under for sure, all the national league clubs will, 99% of leagues 1 and 2 and probably 50% of the championship.
    • Hmm...a million quid repainting a plane versus the hundreds of billions poured into the NHS, furlough and business grant / support schemes. Thats such a dumb comment I don't even need to point out the flawed logic. I'm happy to criticise the government when they do make obvious and avoidable mistakes, but hopelessly blinkered, Labour-tinted comments like that serve no purpose whatsoever. For the record I'm not a fan of BJ's bluster and rhetoric. Its good for winning elections, but less palatable when you're trying to manage a crisis. I will admit I've grown to like him less and less over the last several months. But Boris is not the entire government. There's a whole cabinet, plus an army of advisors, civil servants etc. who are doing their best to get us through this.
    • I honestly don't see how none league sides and players will survive 6 month's of no fan revenue. Then even League 2 and league 1 clubs even the championship. 
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