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Boro vs QPR (A) 2-2 (Assombalonga 2)

Are Boro going down?  

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  1. 1. Will Middlesbrough FC be relegated this season?

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1 minute ago, Denzel Zanzibar said:

Randolph playing worries me if they've rushed him back from fitness.


Mega lolz if he gets further injured and can't play for ROI to spite Keane.

Maybe they’ve forced him to play because of the lack of commitment that you seem to think he has.

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not sure he meant that all fans who dont attend games are keyboard warriors and the real fans are only those who attend, but more the fans who only sit and write negative things on forums and social m

No matter the result today this is much more like it, we’ve competed, made chances and got goals. Yes it may not be perfect but we’ve played football for once.

Why would it be to spite keane? Surely randolph playing rubbishes all of the rumours from this week.

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At this stage, what I'd believe more is that Woodgate was trying to somewhat make the injuries sound worse than they are. 4 of the players he seemed to suggest could miss this game are in the squad, 3 of them in the team, Pears being on the bench.

Still, for what it's worth, they very much could have been rushed back due to the nature of the rest of the squad, certainly looking at that bench.

I think whoever said Friend is centre-back is probably right but I wouldn't be surprised to see the kind of non-formation that Pulis played at some point, with Friend almost playing left-back when going forward and centre-back when defending, shifting between 5 and 4 at the back. Which could help Johnson push out a bit more too, though it rarely actually worked for Pulis.

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    • Yeah it’s not the same scenario as your Aunty Doris that lived in sheltered accommodation in Redcar with just a portable tv a fan heater and a pile of Gardner’s World magazines for company, that pines for her recently departed husband, complains about the food and doesn’t get on with the rest of the residents, especially that Maureen who drinks Campari on Friday afternoons and insists on being a member of every club and committee going. 
    • I wonder how many goals will be Djed Spence's fault today, and those that aren't, still are 🤔😭
    • I kind of feel sorry for him too, he's been sold the vision with his contract under Woodgate, sold as part of the future of this club. And I'm a big Hayden Coulson fan, I'd definitely prefer it if he could show what he could do as a left back as I think he'd have a better chance of making it here. But in a team filled with inconsistent plodders, you don't take out one of your brightest lights to accommodate someone else. Last season the shoe was on the other foot, we weren't gonna drop Coulson for Bola for the sake of it. If he's gonna play for Warnock, he's got to find a way to make himself useful in a team with Bola in it. James Husband had the exact same issue when he was brought here, he had to find a way to make a name for himself with George Friend in the side, he didn't do that so he had to leave.
    • I'm already like many of our players...thinking of Summer holidays, (staycation obviously). I'll be watching these remaining games more out of idle interest, than any real hope or expectation. I'd like to see Coulson given some games, along with any promising U23s, just to see how we play with some different names in the team. Obviously (hopefully?) it'd be good for team morale if we won, or got a result of any kind, but I won't be that bothered if we help Barnsley's play-off bid.  
    • But the point is he's not gonna get played there because the player in that position is actually playing well? Unless you want us to play 2 left backs to accommodate him?

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